What Expats Should Know About Edison, NJ USA

Answered by Graham an Expat in Edison, NJ, USA
what-expats-should-know-about-edison-nj-usa Expats Guide: In which city are you living?
Graham: Edison, NJ USA
Expats Guide: What is the spoken language, and how much local language do you need to know for daily living?
Graham: English – and an English accent seems to be a distinct advantage. It opens doors for me!
Expats Guide: How is the weather?
Graham: This part of the US can be much colder than I’m used to in the Winter. And much hotter – and certainly more humid – than I’m used to, being English.
Expats Guide: Is this a good city for families/singles/couples?
Graham: Edison was recently voted one of the safest places to live in the entire country! I don’t know about that, but I don’t think it’s an especially dangerous place either. Like many places, if you act like a victim, you’ll be a victim. Due to its close proximity to New York City (about 45 minute by train at most), Edison is often a place lived in by commuters. And that can be a little bit of a disadvantage. The place has a reputation of being a place where people just go to sleep.
Expats Guide: How are the preschool and daycares?
Graham: Don’t know about daycare, but we loved my daughter’s private preschool. The staff were wonderful.
Expats Guide: Any after school activities?
Graham: It seems like my daughter brings home a huge wad of paper containing the latest soccer, baseball and other activities.
Expats Guide: How is the accommodation?
Graham: It’s probably not the cheapest place to live; yet being so close to NYC, it’s probably good value in comparison.
Expats Guide: How is the healthcare?
Graham: Quality of healthcare is good – if you are well insured or can otherwise afford it. Access to healthcare is a huge concern of mine. I’m lucky, that my Wife is a healthcare professional, so I’m covered by her plan.
Expats Guide: Is it a pet friendly city?
Graham: People do love dogs here!
Expats Guide:How is the traffic and the public transportation (buses, trains, taxis)?
Graham: There are way too many cars in this city! Everyone drives, even a couple of blocks. Public transport exists, but it’s not particularly good.
Expats Guide: How is the communication – Cell/land phone, T.V/Cable/Satelite, Internet connection, international calls?
Graham: Access to these services is great. As long as you can afford it.
Expats Guide: What is the dress code to work and in public? To work?
Graham: Well, I work from home, so I can do it naked if I so desire 😉 In public, pretty much anything goes, within reason!
Expats Guide: How is shopping for groceries, household items and clothing?
Graham: Lots of malls here, so you’re covered in this respect.
Expats Guide: Tell us about sport, entertainment, night life, restaurants.
Graham: There are plenty of restaurants. There are bars. Not too much going on very late at night though.
Expats Guide: How is the expats community?
Graham: I very rarely bump into any Brits here. It’s a rare pleasure.
Expats Guide: Any other comments?
Graham: I have a blog dedicated to being an Englishman in New Jersey – curiously, called An Englishman in New Jersey
I love talking about cross-cultural issues and topics.

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