US Expatriate Tax Return

The following is a question that was submitted to us by a U.S.A expat in Nigeria
expats-tax-return I work in Nigeria on a rotation schedule over 200 days a year and I live in the U.S.
I am not a contractor, so my tax is taken out by the company I work for.
Is there any way to get some of my tax back?
Thanks, David
Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for David
In order to provide you an accurate answer I have consulted an USA expat tax expert – Nick Hodges, President of NCH Wealth Advisors and here is what he had to say:
“I believe the question has to deal with the foreign income tax exclusion, otherwise known as IRS form 2555. This exclusion allows Americans working overseas to exclude some or all of their overseas earnings from federal income taxes.
The way most overseas Americans qualify for this special treatment is to stay/work overseas for 330 days during a 365 day period. Hence David’s reference to the 200 days he is spending in Nigeria. Based on David’s very brief bit of information, it appears that he will not qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion.
Unfortunately, most people will stop here thinking that there is nothing else they can do to reduce their taxes. THIS IS A MISTAKE! I have spent 30 years helping people legally reduce their tax bill. My team and I can usually find many areas that can help someone reduce their tax bill.
Our standard process is to offer a free phone consultation with one of our CPA’s to determine how we can further help.
If David is interested, please have him email us for a phone appointment. And please advice him that in order to get this free service he must be referred by one of our existing clients or from one of our trusted partners like yourself”.
From Nick explanation it appears that even though you do not qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion, you might have other ways to reduce your tax bill.

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