Home Inventory List for Expats

  Preparing a home inventory list is always recommended, no mater if you are an expat or not, but for expats there are several additional reasons for doing this: The relocation company will ask you to provide a list of your belongings for insurance purposes. You will be able to file and settle insurance claim much faster if ever needed. It will assist you to organize insurance for your house in the new country. Some countries might ask for a list of your belongings when … [Read more...]

Packing Checklist for Expats

  Preparing packing checklist for moving overseas can help to take a lot out off your mind   Packing to move is not an easy task. Moreover, you must have been so busy organizing the moving overseas and you hardly thought that the time to start packing will eventually come.   You most probably hid it somewhere deep in the back of your mind, and secretly wished that the packing boxes will be packed by themselves.   Well... unless you have some magic power, that is not … [Read more...]

International Moving Insurance for Expats

International moving insurance is an absolutely must for anyone who is relocating overseas   There are so many expenses involved in relocating overseas, and you are probably juggling to find ways to cut them down. The one thing that you must not cut is your international moving insurance.   Even if you hired the most professional and reliable international moving company, accidents can still happen. After all you are not moving across the street. … [Read more...]

Your Moving List for Relocating Overseas

  Careful organization and a moving list to follow can ease your relocating overseas experience and help you: Focus on accomplishing one task at a time, and on making sure that nothing is left behind. Determine which of the tasks have a flexible schedule, and which must be completed within a particular time frame. Our moving tips and checklist will guide you through the moving process. Just follow, and work your way down the moving list. Start Up Tips for Moving Abroad … [Read more...]

International Moving Service for Expats

Hiring a reliable international moving service is essential, but finding one can be quite a challenge   International Moving Companies Quotes   Although you can fill out a questionnaire online and receive the quotation via e-mail, it is recommended that a representative from the international residential moving company view your household before giving you a quote. Some International household moving companies might be able to handle the entire process of the move from your … [Read more...]

International Moving Company – How to Ship Less Container Load (LCL) ?

  What if you are moving and relocating overseas on your own, or were offered full furnished housing in your new country?   If this is your situation then you won't need to ship your entire household, and you won't have enough belongings to load into a full container.   However, shipping less container load (LCL) can be a little tricky…   Why?   Let me explain with a story:   My cousin repatriated after she finished her P.H.D. She had only a few … [Read more...]