How to Exchange Currency Fairly?

Exchange Currency at CurrencyFair - A Unique Marketplace Where People Buy and Sell Currencies to Other People   Brett Meyers is the managing Director and one of the four founding Directors of CurrencyFair - The Fair way to exchange currency   Expats Guide: What's your background?   Brett: I’m Australian but I’ve been living in Ireland for the last ten years or so. The three other founding directors are from Australia, Ireland and Wales. So three of us are expats … [Read more...]

Foreign Currency Exchange With Currency Fair

A Unique Marketplace for Foreign Currency Exchange Where People Sell Pounds, Euros, Dollars ... to Other People   Living the expatriate life has a whole range of plus points but the cost of foreign currency exchange via the banks is never one of them.   Banks see expats as sheep to be fleeced – they know they have a near monopoly on international currency exchange, typically taking up to 3 per cent of the sum involved for a few clicks on their computer.   For banks know how … [Read more...]

How to save on International Money Exchange Rates?

International Money Exchange and World First Foreign Money Transfer   If you are an expat living abroad or relocating overseas, you may find you have exposure to the currency markets. Whether you are buying a new property, moving savings or sending money back home, exchanging this money can often be a costly process.   Many people tend to use their banks, not knowing that banks typically take a larger spread from the interbank rate, which relates directly to you receiving a worse … [Read more...]

Online Currency Converter

Are You Looking for Online Currency Converter? In many cases expats salaries are paid in a different currency than the currency of the host country. If this describes you then you will most probably want to convert your salary to the currency of the host country, and to compare it to the cost of living in your host country. This way you can find out how much you will be really earning, and how much (if at all) you get to save. Even if you are paid in the currency of the host country, it is … [Read more...]