Living in Israel
A Full Cross-Cultural Training on Israel “Welcome to Israel”

  Are you moving to Israel?   Planning on working and living in Israel?   Maybe you are visiting Israel on a business trip or thinking about establishing business relations with Israeli companies?   Whatever reasons you have for traveling to Israel you must be wondering about life in Israel, its people, the Israeli business etiquette and how well would you adjust to the Israeli culture?     Culture is often viewed as an iceberg. A small part … [Read more...]

Experiencing Israel Culture shock

  Some tips about dealing with the Israeli Culture before Moving to Israel How to overcome Israel culture shock as recounted by an American who immigrated to Israel:   Moving to work or to live in a different country can be overwhelming, even somewhat shocking. It can be so shocking; society has termed the experience- culture shock! This phenomenon is somewhat inevitable. There are ways to decrease the unpleasantries of the experience. But it happens to everyone, … [Read more...]

Getting to Grips with French Culture

  Some Tips about the French Culture Before Moving to France The French culture has been sculpted by its geography, history and religious composition and is centred on the arts, literature, language, fashion and cuisine.   Understanding customs and etiquette in France will make your stay a more pleasant experience.   The French Language   Most French people, particularly in the business world, speak English. Expats should at least attempt to learn key phrases … [Read more...]

Getting to Grips with The Netherlands Culture

  Understanding the Netherlands Culture When you think of the Netherlands, windmills, clogs, tulips and cheese come to mind.   Whilst there are plenty of windmills marking the Dutch landscape, farmers in rural areas do still wear clogs and tulips and cheese are in abundance there is much more to the Netherlands’ culture than meets the eye.   Interacting With The Dutch People   Greeting in the Netherlands is done by way of a handshake. For close friends and family … [Read more...]

Understanding Spain Culture

  Some Tips about the Spanish Culture Before Moving to Spain When most people think of Spain culture undoubtedly flamenco dancing, bull fighting, sangria, sunny vacations and popular expat hangouts spring to mind. But there is much more to this southern European country that is home to over 40 million people.   The Spanish Way of Life   Spain successfully mixes the traditional with the modern and the lifestyle is laid back. The Spanish people are known as friendly and … [Read more...]

Understanding British Culture

  Some Tips about the British Culture Before Moving to UK Personified by tea drinkers in bowler hats reading broadsheet newspapers, beer drinkers in football shirts or royal garden parties, the British are subject to numerous stereotypes.   Here are the things you need to know to understand the British.   History   The British Empire stretched far and wide and left its mark on different countries across the globe. In return, these countries influenced Britain, … [Read more...]

How to Use Effectively Nonverbal Communication When Relocating Overseas

  Spoken language is only 7% to 35% of communication. The majority of our feelings and intentions are sent through nonverbal communication. Moreover we tend to search for signals when verbal messages are unclear or ambiguous. Wordless messages or kinesics are the way we communicate by sending and receiving signals using body language, gestures, postures, proximity, haptics, and facial expressions. Some signals are consistent across cultures. To a certain degree this is good news; … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Culture Shock Effectively?

The Culture Shock Tool Kit - Unique Approach for Helping Expats Live International Experiences to the Fullest The Culture Shock Tool Kit was developed by Margarita Gokun Silver, Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Coach. Margarita was born in one country, holds a citizenship of another, and has been living in different countries for now almost 15 years. She considers herself a global nomad and a perpetual expatriate. When she thinks of the fact that for the first few years of her life she could … [Read more...]