More UK expats would like to move to the USA than any other country, say

The United States is now the most desirable to move to from the UK, while almost half of UK residents admit they would not miss the over-crowding and traffic in the nation’s towns and cities in the event they moved abroad.   That’s according to a survey of more than 1,000 people by the UK’s leading provider of instant online quotes for moving services,   Around a seventh (14 per cent) of respondents aspire to move to live in the USA, closely followed by Australia … [Read more...]

Moving your pet to Majorca

When you’re deciding to relocate abroad, one of the most difficult thing for pet owners is the complications that come with getting your furry friend accepted in your chosen surroundings. Luckily in Majorca, pet friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches and bars make life a lot easier when you decide to take them in tow. So if you’re going to be heading abroad for a spot of winter sunshine, or hopping ship for good, here are some hints and tips on where to stay, where to go and how to get … [Read more...]

Interactive Map Helps British Expats Choose The Right School

Parents planning on moving their family overseas face a number of initial obstacles, from finding a house, setting up a bank account, to buying a car. All are stressful hurdles which deserve extensive research and deliberation, but there is perhaps nothing quite as problematic as setting your children up in a new school. Emigrating with children often stirs up a variety of feelings within the family. On the one hand there is the excitement of a new climate, a new culture and a whole new land … [Read more...]

Relocating Abroad but don’t Want to Completely Leave your UK Lifestyle Behind?

According to 2013 research, more than 400 British citizens are leaving the country every day and recent research revealed that there are an estimated 4.7 million UK citizens currently living abroad, in popular destinations like France (173,000 citizens), Spain (411,000 citizens) and Canada (675,000 citizens). So are you someone that finds yourself dreaming of joining the thousands of British expats enjoying a sunnier lifestyle abroad? But the fear of leaving your friends and family behind … [Read more...]

British Expats Missing Home: Ways to Overcome it

  You took the plunge and moved abroad for the sunnier lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. However, while you love your new life, there are still those days where you can’t help but miss the British culture and lifestyle you once had there. It’s only normal to have days when you feel like this, but here are a few suggestions of how to keep home sickness at bay...   Make the most of Social media   Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn… You’re spoiled for choice … [Read more...]

Why Are Brits Moving Back Home?

  For years, many Brits have made the decision to leave Britain’s grey skies in exchange for a sunnier lifestyle in Australia. For example, between 2005 and 2010 roughly 107,000 Brits moved overseas for a life down under.   However, more recently, figures have shown that an increasing number of Brits are choosing to move back home after discovering the Aussie way of living isn’t the dream lifestyle they once hoped for. Between the years 2009-2010 it was recorded that a total of … [Read more...]

Where British and American Expats are in Highest Employment Demand

  Craving a change of scenery? Perhaps thoughts of the expatriate life have been mingling around in your head for a while, but you just can’t bring yourself to actually make a move. One of the biggest reasons why many of just stay put is the uncertainty that comes with actually living in a foreign country. Sure, you’d like to think that everything will be fine and dandy, but in reality moving abroad is never easy (but always rewarding).   What if you get there only to discover … [Read more...]

Financial advice for expats: Bank transaction charges costing British expats millions

More than half of all British expats worldwide are incurring bank charges which are costing them millions each year when they transfer funds from the UK.   A survey of seven banks conducted by independence researchers for the Post Office International Payments revealed that, on average, expats would typically be charged at least £9 by their bank provider for a transfer of £500.   However, this can shoot up to £25 per every transfer of £500 depending on which bank they're with … [Read more...]

Taxes for British Expats Moving to Canada

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Jassa from England   I was wondering if I move to Canada would I have to pay higher tax in Canada because I own half of the business in U.K.   Thank You, Jassa     Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for Jassa   Hi Jassa, Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that I am not an expat tax expert.   I would definitely recommend that you get some professional advice before you move to … [Read more...]