Schooling Experience in St.Petersburg, Russia

Described by F.J. an expat parent in Russia
Hello, dear parents!
My family had to spend the previous year in Saint-Petersburg, and being a mother, the question that concerned me the most was: how will my child get used to the new surroundings, especially to a Russian school?
My son couldn’t speak Russian so finding the right place to study without his falling behind at school seemed troublesome.
That’s why me and my husband decided to make a choice in favor of a private institution.
I still can’t believe that I was lucky to find a place where my child felt like home!
It was a private primary school and nursery “INFANT SCHOOL”.
To start with, I liked it that they stick to the politics: “Seeing is believing”. The headmaster was very kind to offer us a free trial week at school where I could spend time together with my child so as to have the insight look.
Later I found out it was the only educational institution in Saint-Petersburg that followed «BRITISH NATIONAL CURRICULUM» and program «SCHOOL 2100» IN THE CONDITIONS OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING ENVIRONMENT.
We were so glad that our child could both go on his studying in English and start to learn Russian ”from the ground up” among his peers.
As we could see from his smile, it was really the best way to adapt to a new country. Here he easily made friends and even got to like going to school!
He was happy and I was happy for him, and also grateful to all those people who managed to create the atmosphere of love, respect, trust and emotional comfort. Moreover, my child has made a great progress in his studying!
At “Infant School” teachers help the students not only to grow mentally and physically but also reveal a talent in every child.
Each tutor has his own methodic of teaching which helps to catch up the children’s attentions during the classes.
An approximate list of the subjects that were on curriculum rangers from science, math, singing, choreography, P.E., art, Russian Language and Literature etc. to the Latin language!
I’ve written this article in order to tell all the parents who are moving together with their kids to Russia that there’s always a way to make an adjustment to a new place of living easier. And to those who is about to move or has already moved to St.Petersburg – I’d recommend to bring your children to “Infant School” as it turns out to be a place you can rely on.
Here I enclose their web-site and e-mail just in case: and
With best wishes,F.J

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