Relocating to Canada: The Easier the better. Shipping by Land Vs Sea.

Although Canada is just a “stone’s throw” from the US, moving across the border is still considered an international move. Relocating can be a big undertaking when making a move to within the country; an international move involves different and more difficult challenges.
There are a few ways to go about an international move and important information to know about each one:

Moving by Air

Traveling by air may be the quickest way to get to a destination, but when you are moving, you need to transport all of your belongings as well as yourself.
Most people take at least some of their belongings with them when moving. Shipping your furniture and other items by air can become quite costly. When using airplanes to transport, the charge for shipping is usually based on weight and volume. There are much less costly ways to make a move.

Moving by Sea

If you live along the eastern, western, or southern border of the United States, you may consider shipping your household via ocean transport. While moving your things by boat is definitely a very interesting process, it is quite complicated and may not be worth the effort.
Booking a steamship line is not always an easy task. The number of boats available is limited. When it isn’t possible to get a boat right away, you may be waiting for quite a while before one becomes available. It is usually a good idea to book your vessel considerably in advance.
The document process is also very involved. It is advisable to allow extra time for the processing of your paperwork.
At times, the ship’s captain will go to port to receive transport containers, only to find that there are none available that day. This adds a full day to your moving schedule.
Then consider the fact that, when the ship has finally loaded your belongings and made its way up the coast to Canada, land transportation is still necessary to get your things from the ship to your final destination.

Moving by Land

After comparing the higher costs and inconveniences of making an international move by air and sea, you will enjoy seeing how much easier and cost effective making a move by land will be.
The shipping containers are trucks. Trucks are much more space efficient than a ship’s transport containers, yet large enough to handle anything you need to move. Moving companies usually have large fleets of trucks available for rental. Book your truck a few weeks in advance and you can rest assured that it will be there the day that you need it.
Land transport is safer and does not have the port congestion, red tape or possible weather delays that you would likely experience with ocean transport. A trucking company is the most efficient form of moving transportation.
Keep in mind that when shipping a container to Canada border there are always regulations to follow and international shipping costs apply.
Here are some examples:

  • You will be required to show your Canadian residency status. Do you have short term or permanent residence, or are you there under a work permit only?

  • You will need a copy of your passport to clear customs.

  • You will need to show your passport and any other documents required for customs at your city’s local customs office before crossing the border. Your moving company will assist you with the proper customs forms according to the regulations of Canada Border Services Agency.

  • There will be a 13% duty tax on any brand new items being transported over the border, even if the items are gifts.

  • Deliveries from New York to Toronto usually take about 7-10 days and are subject to customs’ processing schedule and your moving company’s availability. Delivery to Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary and other cities further north can take up to three full weeks.

A good moving company can facilitate your move from anywhere in the US to any Canadian destination. Make sure you choose a company that stands for excellence and enjoys a good reputation. Good international removal company can provide you easily with the different transport options for you to choose from.
This article was submitted by Einat Mazafi the owner of NY International Shipping, an International Shipping and moving company based in New York. She is also a specialist in providing the best relocation solutions to clients worldwide.

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