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In many cases expats salaries are paid in a different currency than the currency of the host country. If this describes you then you will most probably want to convert your salary to the currency of the host country, and to compare it to the cost of living in your host country. This way you can find out how much you will be really earning, and how much (if at all) you get to save.

Even if you are paid in the currency of the host country, it is a good practice to research the cost of living at your host country, and to convert it to your home country currency. This will gave you a better understanding of how much you will be earning.

You can use the hereunder online currency converter to run interactive foreign exchange rate calculations. The online currency conversion is handled using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates.

To start using the online currency converter, simply type the value of currency to convert in the amount box. You may include commas and a decimal point. Next, select the source and destination currencies using the scrolling selection boxes. When you are finished, push the “convert” button, and the results of your conversion will be displayed.

Should you need another online currency converter calculation, simply press the back button, and you can enter new details into the online currency converter.

It is really simple.

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