Living in Jamaica – How to Apply for a Work Permit?

jamaicaflag1 Are you searching for information about living in Jamaica?
One of the first things you should look into is the requirements for a work permit in Jamaica.
jobs-in-jamaica As a general rule expats looking for jobs in Jamaica are required to obtain a work permit. Citizens of the commonwealth countries may apply for a work visa after arriving to Jamaica, while non commonwealth citizens must apply for a work visa before entering Jamaica.
U.S.A is not one of the commonwealth countries, and therefore U.S.A citizens must apply for a work visa before moving to Jamaica at a Jamaican Embassy or Consulate.
There are 2 types of work permits available for people who are interested in working and living in Jamaica: employed, and self employed:
Employed applicant – You can apply for a work permit only if you have a confirmed job offer in Jamaica. You should fill out the application for work permit, add a photo, and pay the requested fee.
The application should be sent to the Jamaican Ministry of Labour and Social Security, together with a cover letter written by the potential local employer. On the cover letter the local employer must inform the reasons for the application, state the efforts that he made to recruit a Jamaican citizen to do the job, and to inform what is the expected duration of the work.
Self employed applicant – You should fill out the application for work permit, add photos, and pay the requested fee.
In addition you should submit a cover letter describing the nature and duration of the work, details of investment, proof of qualification, a C.V , police record, and a proof of business registration
More information about Jamaican work visa is available on the website of the Jamaican Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
Who is exempted from a work permit?

  • Spouses of Jamaican nationals.
  • Heads of diplomatic mission and members of staff accredited to Jamaica.
  • United States, German, and Canadian Peace Corps personnel are exempt from work permit and registration.
  • Persons employed by the United Nations with Laissez Passer are exempt from visa and work permit.
  • Persons employed in any Ministry or Department of the Government of Jamaica may be exempted from work permit.

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