How to Learn Italian Language

italyflag If you can communicate with the locals and make yourself understood in every day situations you’ll find your new country feels more quickly like home. Italy is no exception.
Here are some tips to help you learn to speak Italian.
Italy’s Language
learn-italian-language 93% of Italy’s population speaks Italian, the country’s official language. It is the language taught in schools and understood nationwide. However, half of the population (also) speaks a regional dialect.
To make it more difficult for expats in Italy, these regional dialects are more often than not incomprehensible to the rest of the country.
This makes learning the ‘local language’ a little trickier for expats in some locations.
Do I Need to Learn Italian?
Expats in Italy may wonder if it is essential to speak Italian when moving to Italy. The answer is primarily related to which area of Italy you are heading for and whether you are looking for employment.
If you will be living in a tourist area you may find that you can get by with a basic level of Italian as many locals will speak English. In less popular tourist areas you will find that without any knowledge of the Italian language you will not get far. If you want to work in Italy you will need to speak Italian.
It is advisable, whatever your circumstances, to learn at least basic Italian, as Italians are very proud of their language and will appreciate your attempts to communicate in their own language. It will also enrich your overseas experience.
How to Learn Italian Language – Before You Relocate
You can give yourself a head start before you move to Italy and use the abundant internet resources to learn some basic Italian online. Many free tutorials can give you an introduction to speaking and writing Italian.
An Italian language course at your local college or language school can also help you prepare for your move to Italy.
How to Learn Italian Language – Language Courses
Many Italian language courses are available in Italy in the larger cities and tourist and student areas.
Some courses in Italian language schools also provide students with information about living in Italy and the culture of their new home.
Enrolling in an Italian language school is also an excellent way to meet other expats in Italy.
How to Learn Italian Language – Private Tutor
If your preference is to learn Italian more quickly then hiring a private tutor is perhaps for you.
Personal Italian lessons mean that you can tailor learning to your particular needs and ensure that the learning goes at your pace.
Live and Learn Italian
Expats in Italy have a unique opportunity to really live and learn Italian on a daily basis.
Watching TV, reading local newspapers, magazines and books are valuable resources for language students and for those already living in Italy the supply is endless.
You of course also have a multitude of local people to practice talking Italian with.

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