How to Buy Kids Luggage for Your Relocating Overseas Adventure?

kid-luggage1The house is packed, all relevant documents are ready. You have invested so much time and effort to arrange everything for moving and relocating overseas.
But before you head to the airport invest some time in choosing your kids luggage.
Why is it important?
Think about your kids – A few days ago they still had their own room, filled with all their belongings. They had a private place where they could read, write, play, and hide when they wanted some time alone.
All this is gone, and until you settle in your home at your destination country your child only private place will be their kids suitcase. The airline luggage is where they stuff all their belongings, and it functions like a mini room for a while.
So, involve your kids in deciding on their own child luggage, the same way you would include them when choosing a new room. Doing this can reduce your kids stress; make them feel pride, grown up, independent, and important.
However, there are certain guidelines you should follow to ensure that your child luggage will be safe, and suitable.

Choosing Kids Luggage Guidelines

The first thing you must do is check your airline up-to-date weight limit, size restrictions and security regulations for luggage and carry on luggage. Those can change without any notice. It is not a fun experience being delayed by the airport authorities only because you forgot to find out what are the luggage regulations.
What next?
Now that you know what are the size and weight requirements for the airline luggage, you can concentrate on your child needs.
Match your kids size with the luggage size, at least with the size of the carry on luggage. Make sure your kids are able to lug their carry on by themselves. Otherwise you will have to carry it for them, and they might get upset. Moreover, when the child carries the bag, you have a free hand to hold onto the child. Kids rolling luggage with shoulder strap and pull-up handle serve best for this purpose, especially for young children.
Match the child luggage to your kid’s age – Young children are excited with colorful, themed kid luggage. Having their favorite character on their luggage is so much fun and comforting; it feels like a friend is moving abroad with them. For our youngest kid it was Spider-Man. His character was everywhere – on shoes, T-shirts, backpacks, socks, toys etc’. So, whatever your kids favorite character is – Pokemon, Dora, Bratz, or Barbie just follow their passion and buy it for them.
Older children, especially pre-teens and young teens, will be embarrassed by colorful and cute themed luggage. They will be searching for a cool handbag. So, look for luggage with compartments for pre-teen entertainment essentials, such as hand-held electronic games and CD/MP3 players.
It is always good to choose kids luggage that can be strapped or stacked on your wheeled carry-on bag just in case your kid decide he doesn’t want to carry his luggage around the airport anymore.
Ask your kids to explore the luggage – Can they open easily zippers, compartments, clips and other fasteners of the luggage? Allow them to put their belongings inside their child luggage, and let them plan which things they want to put in which compartments
Look for strong, well-made, durable and easy to clean kids luggage – Most kids don’t make any effort to keep their luggage in a good condition, so it is always good to choose a quality bag that don’t require any maintenance. However do not invest more than necessary as kids tastes change fast, and this year bag may be outgrown or too childish by next year.

Kids Luggage Tags

Children’s luggage tags are for identification purpose – This is the place to put your kids personal information; name, address, telephone number and more. If your kids luggage loses accidentally, you could easily be contacted and regain it.
Kids luggage tag come in a variety of colors, styles and images. Fun luggage tags for kids are perfect for helping identify little ones’ belongings. So you can let your kid choose the luggage tags/he like, or if you have some time you can even make them yourself.

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