Is Searching the Web For Free Online Moving Companies Quotes a Good Idea?

The following is a question that was submitted to us by Shawn, USA
overseas-moving-companies I recently started doing some research online and looking for moving companies. There are lots of web site offering free moving quotes.
However, I had a relative who did that and was pounded with phone call over 30 calls a day.
Should I go online and sign up because they are very competitive online and I am looking to save money ?
Thanks, Shawn
Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for Shawn
Hi Shawn
Using the Internet to request online moving quotes give you an idea of how competitive the moving company market is and what level of prices you should expect.
Narrow down your choice to 4-5 online moving companies’ quotes. This way you get to check what each removal company offers and can do the appropriate comparison. In addition by asking only 4 online moving companies quotes you reduce significantly the number of phone calls you might receive from them.
When going online make sure you are getting your quotes from licensed firms only. I can recommend a leading provider of instant quotes for home-moving services. monitors the performance of their partners and sends out feedback requests to everyone who registers. If a partner receives unacceptable feedback that cannot be explained, they are removed from the system.
Click here to fill out a form and receive a list of moving companies.
Best of Luck

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