Home Inventory List for Expats

Preparing a home inventory list is always recommended, no mater if you are an expat or not, but for expats there are several additional reasons for doing this:

  • The relocation company will ask you to provide a list of your belongings for insurance purposes.
  • You will be able to file and settle insurance claim much faster if ever needed.
  • It will assist you to organize insurance for your house in the new country.
  • Some countries might ask for a list of your belongings when you apply for a visa.

Start preparing your list by making a file of your belongings for each room in your house including the contents of desks, drawers, closets, etc.:

  • Describe each item, and indicate where you bought it, how much it cost, its make, model, and serial number. It is recommended to attach sales receipts to your file.
  • Clothing can be counted by category (dresses, pants, coats, shoes, etc.), and then listed in your moving inventory list. Be sure to include the items that are especially valuable.
  • If you decide to take with you valuable items like jewelry, art work and Collectibles then take into consideration that they may have increased in value since you bought them. You may want to check their new estimate value, and to include the new value in your moving inventory list.

Adding Photos to Your Home Inventory Kit

It is always a good idea to take pictures of important individual items, and to make notes of what is shown;
where you bought it, the make and a serial number if applicable.
You can store the photos together with your written inventory list.
If you are using a digital camera, you may upload the photos to a CD and store the CD together with your list.


Tips for Home Inventory Management

You can always draw an inventory list in a notebook, or you can prepare one on excel file and print it out. However, doing it this way is time consuming, and too overwhelming.
The faster and much efficient way is to download a free template – You can download a free template from the Free Downloadable Microsoft Office templates, or you can find a free software on the web.
The download inventory software is usually easy to manage; it includes interface and ready-to-use templates, where you can easily print the type of item, its description, model/serial no., purchase price, personal notes, images and much more. Moreover, you can always update the list with a click of a mouse. You can certainly have fun and enjoy making your list this way.
Some of you might be so busy with other tasks concerning the relocation overseas that finding the time to prepare the moving list will be impossible. If this is your case you might want to consult with a home inventory service that can provide quality personalized service, and compile the inventory list much quicker. This will certainly insure your peace of mind.

How to Store and Protect Your Home Inventory List

If you were preparing the list by yourself you probably ended with a written list, CD, paper report, photographs, etc’. All of them must be stored in a safe place.
It is never recommended to store your inventory list in your own house, but for expats who are on the move it is not even an option. You can always keep a copy with family, at friend’s house, or in a safe-deposit box. Another option is to upload the inventory list to your computer and to e-mail it to yourself. In this case make sure to use a gmail or a hotmail address, as your e-mail address in your home country won’t be working at your destination country.
If you are not comfortable with using a public e-mail like gmail or hotmail for your inventory list, then your best option is to download home inventory software from the web.
Many inventory software’s keep your inventory list securely online, and it is easily accessible by you with your own private password from any computer with internet connection. With a click of the mouse you can add, edit or delete anything in your inventory list. You can also print or download your entire inventory.