Choosing Your Health Insurance Abroad

When becoming an expat, you have to think about every side of your life which will be affected by this changing in country.
Your family’s security is one of the most important. Thus getting medical coverage is one crucial step.
Social security from your home country will not cover you if you live abroad or may reimburse only a small part of what you will effectively be paying.
As a consequence, it is best for expatriates to subscribe expatriate health insurance or supplemental health insurance depending on the country you are travelling to.
This article aims at providing you with best advice about choosing expat health insurance.

  1. The best insurance is the one that suits your needs best – You must first compare benefits provided by insurers. Although price is often considered as the first selection criteria by customers – a fact that is quite understandable -it is crucial that you consider coverage above everything else. Indeed in some countries such as the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, or Japan medical fees are highly expensive and with no matching benefits or sufficient coverage you might well find yourself on tenterhooks when it comes to pay for medical care.

  3. Before subscribing health insurance, make enquiries about excesses and limits – They can shrink the coverage you will effectively be getting. If something unexpected was to occur to you or a member of your family, you will have other things to worry about than money. Unfortunately, it is mostly at that time that people realize their insurance does not provide enough protection.

  5. To help you comparing benefits, you should get in touch with a specialised insurance broker whose function is to find health insurance matching your needs and budget: An insurance broker represents your best interests.

  7. After selecting health insurance abroad, do not hesitate to ask questions about the contract and benefits: any expert should be able to provide answers to every question.

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