Garage Sale Tips for Expats

Garage Sale Tips to Help With Overseas Relocation Expenses

Garage-Sale “Why should I bother with a moving sale?” You probably wonder, and then you continue – “I have so many errands to run before relocating overseas. There is no way I will have any extra time or energy to deal with a moving sale.”
Well, you might be surprised to learn that it can be quite easy. Moreover, the extra money you will make can help with the relocation expenses.
The hardest task is sorting through your stuff and determining what you no longer need.
Guess what? This is already behind you.
When you organized your house for packing you already put away what you no longer use, have outgrown, or can’t take with you to your destination country.

So, you can relax and deal easily with the fun part
Organizing the moving sale

You can choose from the following:

  • A traditional garage sale – If you have the energy and you live in a house with a yard you can plan a garage sale.
  • A garage sale online – If you live in an apartment or if you just don’t have the time to prepare a yard sale, you can take your garage sale online.
  • A combination of the two methods – If you have enough time and energy, you can start by having a traditional garage sale. Whatever was not sold on your garage sale, you can try to sale on auctions online: e-bay etc’. or any free listings on the web.


Traditional Garage Sale Tips

Garage sale tips – choose a date and time to have a garage sale
The majority of garage sales are taking place on the weekends. Your best days for having a garage sale are on Saturday. In any case avoid a date that conflicts with major holidays, or bad weather as they may not be as profitable.
More garage sale tips – check your neighborhood ordinances
You may be required to obtain a garage sale permit. Therefore before you start planning, phone your local authorities to inquire about any permits you may need.
Garage sale tips for advertising
Start advertising early. You can advertise on internet sites, flyers, signs, local newspaper, and word of mouth.

  • Internet sites – Make sure to post the information about your garage sale on sites that won’t charge you for posting.
  • Local newspapers – Be sure your ad is printed on a weekend and offers a couple days notice because most garage sale buyers check out the ads Friday through Sunday.
  • Flyers – Using your home computer, you can print out very descriptive flyers that can provide people with all the information that they need about your event.
  • Garage sale signs – Make sure your signs are large enough so that drivers will have enough time to see and read the signs as they go by. Be sure to include all relevant information about the sale including: Address, Dates, Times, Items Sold, and Directions.

Garage sale tips for displaying and organizing your items

  • Make sure your items are clean and shiny.
  • It is recommended to display the items on long portable tables, and to group them by category.
  • If you are selling clothing, display them on hangers. People are much more likely to buy if you present the clothes like a store does.
  • You can draw more attention and willing to buy customers if you add some balloons and play background music.
  • Display large pieces and some good items visibly appealing from roadside to attract potential buyers.
  • If you are selling any electrical appliances, have an electrical outlet handy or a long extension cord. This is for people to test any electrical items you have for sale.
  • Have plastic grocery bags available to put sold items in. If selling breakables, have newspaper available to wrap fragile items.

Garage sale tips for pricing

  • Price your items by category. You can download price stickers from the internet or make them yourself. Only make sure that the price tags are easy to remove and placed on top of an item, not on the bottom. Moreover, the bigger the item, the bigger the price tag should be. Make it noticeable.
  • garage-sale-items

  • Do not price your items too high since it may discourage interested buyers. A general rule is to price items about a quarter or third of what they would cost new. But, keep in mind that some people will want to bargain, so don’t make your prices too low to begin with.
  • Set up deals – group merchandise by price with an eye-catching sign “everything in this basket $1”.
  • Offer last-minute deals – If you’ve still got things left over during the final hours of your garage sale, go ahead and cut prices. Offer buy-one-get-one deals or bulk discounts. Do everything you can to make the sale, especially if you plan on throwing away or giving away the items anyway.
  • Don’t hold items without a deposit.
  • Be sure to have a notice that all sales are final. This will protect you later.

Garage sale strategies – final garage sale tips

  • Be prepared for early birds – Decide if you’re willing to accept people arriving any time prior to your advertised time of your sale. You may want to consider stating in your ad whether you accept early birds or not.
  • Make sure you have enough parking spots to handle an additional 4 or 5 cars parked near your house at one time.
  • Make sure to have lots of change – coins and dollars.
  • Don’t accept any checks. That is too much of a risk.
  • Do not use a cash box. Carry your money on you at all times. You don?t want to present a target for thieves.
  • Have a calculator for adding purchases.
  • Have a phone handy if possible.
  • Consider setting up a few folding chairs. Non-shopping spouses appreciate a place to sit while the other browses through your wares.
  • Don’t be a high-pressure salesperson. Give your buyers some freedom to look items over, but be ready to answer questions if they ask.
  • Do not have your pet with you during your sale. Many people are pet phobic or allergic.
  • Consider selling some refreshments. Many people are going from sale to sale and it gets hot. It is also a good way to keep you kids occupied.
  • Plan some activities to keep yourself occupied, in case of slow times. Consider a good book, crossword puzzles, crochet, or cards to keep from being bored.