Expats Overseas – Share your City Lifestyle with Future Expats

Are you moving and relocating abroad? Is your company sending you to work and live in Paris, Hong Kong, or any other foreign city around the world?
Are you wondering about the expats lifestyle in the new city? How is school, shopping, people, housing, weather, etc’?
Some companies and organizations do send future expats overseas for a familiarization trip. During this trip expats can search for houses or apartments, visit schools, and meet other expats.
However, not always your spouse and kids are able to join you on the familiarization trip, and other times you are still left with more questions about the target city.
A great way to find more information about the lifestyle and conditions in the foreign city is to ask other expats, and to learn from their experience.
This is where we would appreciate your assistance:
We have created an open-ended questionnaire about living in a foreign city. In the questionnaire we covered areas that are of interest to all expats overseas, no matter where they live.
So, whether you are an expat in Brussels or an expat in Tokyo, you can assist other newcomers by answering our city guide questionnaire.
All you need to do is go over the questions, and write your answers in the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will then upload your answers to our website and other expats can read and comment.
Are you curious to see how it will look?
No problem! Just click the following link and you will be forwarded to a post which was submitted to us by one of our readers – how is expatriate life in Toronto, Canada
If you wish to stay anonymous that’s absolutely fine (just let us know you don’t want your details to be published), and if there are questions that are not relevant to your situation then skip them.
Together we can build the best cities guide resources for expats overseas.


City Lifestyle Questionnaire for Expats


  1. In which city are you living?

  3. What is the spoken language, and how much local language do you need to know for daily living?

  5. How is the weather?

  7. Is this a good city for families/singles/couples?

  9. How are the preschool and daycares?

  11. Are their international schools/American Schools?

  13. Any after school activities?

  15. Are there English speaking universities? Or any special programs in the English language at a local university?

  17. How is the accommodation?

  19. How is the healthcare?

  21. Is it a pet friendly city?

  23. Is household help easy to find?

  25. How is the traffic and the public transportation (buses, trains, taxis)?

  27. How is the communication – Cell/land phone, T.V/Cable/Satelite, Internet connection, international calls?

  29. What is the dress code to work and in public?

  31. How is shopping for groceries, household items and clothing?

  33. Tell us about sport, entertainment, night life, restaurants.

  35. How is the expats community?

  37. Any other comments?


Comments or questions are welcome.

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