Expats Guide – How to make the most out of your expatriate experience?

moving-boxes1So you have finally decided to fulfill your longtime dream and to move overseas, or maybe you are a veteran expat who is relocating overseas for the second or third time.

In both cases you are probably so excited and can’t stop imagining how it would be to live in your destination country, speak a different language, experience new culture, and eat exotic food.

Maybe you are thinking about all the fascinating places you can visit while living overseas, or how fun it would be to hear your kids speak fluently the local language.

You even fast forward and fantasize about how your international experience will open doors to a new world of career opportunities and help you to support your passion for the expats lifestyle.

But then it hits you…

Deciding to live overseas is one thing and dealing with all the procedures and preparing for overseas relocation is a totally different thing.

Many thoughts must be crossing your mind simultaneously:

  • What are the visa requirements for your destination country?
  • Could your spouse work there, and if not what will he/she do?
  • Do you rent or sell your own house, and where will you live in the host country?
  • Can your kids go to school there, will it cost money, and will they need a special visa permit so they can attend school?
  • What is the cost of living in the host country, how much money will you need to earn in order to support your expatriate family’s need?
  • And what about expat health insurance, packing for overseas relocation, choosing an international moving company?


  • And do not forget Rex the dog. Will he be joining you? If yes, then how do you arrange for pet air travel, what are the requirements for shipping a dog to your host country, and how much money does it cost?

Suddenly you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Can you really pull this off?

Will you have to work 24/7 to be ready on time for your overseas relocation?

After that you are filled with doubts and insecurities.

Is expatriate life the right choice for your family?

What if you have to repatriate after a few months?

All of a sudden this wonderful dream you had about moving overseas seems more like a nightmare than a great opportunity.

Preparing for overseas relocation can truly take you through a rollercoaster of emotions, and might even jeopardize your relations with family, friends and coworkers.

This is exactly how we felt when we were getting ready for our first abroad relocation to Venezuela.

Since then we have repatriated and relocated several more times.

Though the stress did not disappear, we were able to relax, loosen up and enjoy the relocation process.


Simply by following an action plan, working as a team, and staying focused.

Want to learn some more about how to prepare easily and effectively for life abroad?

Continue to read our expats moving and relocation guide site.

Our site is based on our own relocation overseas experience, and with a purpose to address your concerns, to help you gather the required information, and to provide you with an easy to follow guide for starting a successful, and rewarding life overseas.

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