Why Should You Use U.K. Expatriate Mail Service?

Why U.K Expatriate Mail Service is The Perfect Solution for You?

Are you amazed by the amount of postal mail you continue to receive in your home country after you moved overseas?
Do you find that some of this mail is useless, but part of it is important and needs your attention?
How do you take care of your home country’s postal mail while living overseas?
In the past you probably requested Royal mail to redirect your mail to one of the following:

  • Your overseas address
  • A family member or a friend who lives in the U.K. They either sent it to your overseas address or kept it with them until you came home for a visit.

What if you don’t want to hassle a friend or relative with the responsibility of checking through your post for you?
And, what if you already receive tons of mail in your host country and absolutely don’t want to fill your house with more papers?
No problem!
U.KPostBox.com offers a great solution called expatriate mail service which let you gain full control over your mail.
How does it work?
You sign up at U.KPostBox.com for the expatriate mail service. After completion of the registration process you will receive a U.K postal box address and your own online mailing address. Then, register to the mail forwarding service of U.K. royal mail and request that all your mail will be redirected to your new postal box.
Once your U.K. mail arrives to your private postal box at UKPostBox.com facilities, it will be sorted and uploaded to your private online mail address.
You can then decide what to do with your mail – recycle, shred or forward to wherever you want. You can even ask to deposit any cheques received in your postal mail directly into your bank account.



And it doesn’t end here,
You can also send your postal mail to the U.K. much faster. All you have to do is upload your document to your secured online mail address and add address and postage service required. UKPostBox.com will print it out, insert into an envelope and post at the same day.
However, although all this sounds amazing you might be wondering about:

  • The online security of your mail. And
  • Whether your privacy is jeopardized by the mail forwarding service?

Well, you can rest assured, as
UKPostBox.com guarantees that your postal mail is safe with them and online security is their top priority.
First, your envelopes are opened only by their security cleared staff and only when you request to have an item scanned for viewing in your online account. Items that you have requested to just be shredded, recycled or forwarded will never be opened.
In addition, their site is secured by GeoTrust SSL certificate providing up to 256 bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security possible. This ensures that any communications between your computer and UKPostBox.com is unreadable by anyone else.
UKPostBox.com is the perfect expatriate mail service for UK expats living overseas.
To sign up to their mail forwarding service click here