Are you Paying too Much For your Expat Taxes

How to Turn your Expat Taxes into Money in your Bank?

Did you know that expats living abroad can claim refunds on income taxes, on foreign V.A.T and on more types of expat taxes?
Here are just some examples:

  1. If you hold a nonimmigrant visa of a skilled worker in the U.S.A then you might be entitled for a tax refund on your federal and state taxes.
  2. If you are a foreign student in Australia and working part-time then you might be able to claim tax refund on your income earnings.
  3. If you hold a working-holiday visa, student visa or a temporary work visa in Canada, then you can also apply for a tax refund.

The above is not only true for Canada, Australia and U.S.A, but for many other countries like Holland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and much more.
Pretty amazing, isn’t it?
So, how do you find out if you are entitled for expat taxes refund?
Go to the internal revenue website of your host country and find out if you are considered a resident or a nonresident for tax purpose in your host country. In addition check if there are any special tax credits that you can claim.
After you figure this out, go ahead and start the process of claiming refund on your expat taxes. Usually before you can get a refund, you must file a tax return where you list all your earnings, taxes paid, deductible expenses and allowances.
The tax office will then review your file according to the information submitted by your employer and the current law that applies to your case, and if they find out that you overpaid taxes in the host country then you will be entitled for a tax refund.
The amount of expat taxes refund varies, and depends on your personal situation and on the tax laws in your host country. Sometimes you will get 100 USD, but it is not uncommon to receive 800-1000 USD and even a few thousands.
Can you file yourself your tax return?
The short answer is yes, you can.
Tax offices all over the world accept and handle tax applications from tax payers including expats
However it can a bit complicated to do it all by yourself
There are several reasons:

  • Preparing an expatriate tax return involves gathering all the tax forms and putting all the information together. A task that can be confusing and not so easy especially when dealing with tax laws of a foreign country.
  • Even if you manage to submit your tax return, many times there is no update mechanism from the tax revenue office. You can wait a long time only to receive a short yes or no answer. This is quite frustrating!
  • You are so busy with everyday life, and don’t have the time to deal with your taxes refund, so you prefer to give up and forget about the refund money.

But there is no need to give up.
There are companies that specialize in providing tax return services and claiming refunds for companies and individuals all over the world.
These companies take the stress out of you and make sure you get your money.
One of these companies is a multi-national corporation that was established in Dublin in 1996 and has 25 offices worldwide. staff gives you

  • The maximum legal refund.
  • Free online refund estimations.
  • Personal online tracking code that enables you to follow your expat taxes return every step of the way.
  • Document retrieval services.
  • 24 hours customer support and tax refund help.
  • Service in many languages like Chinese, Lithuanian, French, Italian, German and much more.
  • Money is sent worldwide and in your local currency.

It is definitely practical and easier to request an expat financial advice from experts like

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