Expat Guide and Useful Resources

Facilitating the path for expats living abroad

expat-resources Have you imagined living overseas a life full of excitement but reality has shown you something else?
Well, it is no secret!
Expatriate life is not just about adventure and fun but it’s also full of challenges, new obstacles and might be frustrating at times.
Furthermore, there is absolutely no doubt that getting ready for life abroad involves lots of work, research, and trial and error. And it sure takes some time until you settle comfortably in your host country.
To help you with this process we did the work for you and collected some resources that will make your expats living abroad convenient and enjoyable
Before we continue with our expat guide, lets emphasize that most of the resources that are mentioned in here can be used by expats in most countries around the world.
O.K now we are ready.

Expat Guide and Useful Resources for Overseas Living

  1. Still not sure if moving overseas is the right choice for you and your family?
    Then, read the article expat lifestyle – a life changing decision to help you reach a resolution.

  3. Expat Financial Advice – Everything you need to know about expatriate financial planning, your tax obligations and your saving and investments options.
  4. Expatriate mail Service is a great solution for you if you are interested to continue receiving your home mail in your new country.
    Click the following link for information about USA expatriate mail forwarding service and the following link for UK mail forwarding service

  6. Expatriate coaching -If you need support from someone who can truly understand your unique situation, why not consult with an expatriate coach?
    An expat coach has the tools, experience and the knowledge to assist expats living abroad in creating a fulfilling life in their new country.

  8. Expat books – Many expats have written books about living and adjusting to life in a new country.
    Learning from others who have done it and been there before is not only a source for knowledge but can also provide a sense of comfort. It makes you realize that you are not the only one who is going through this roller coaster of emotions.
    However, if you are searching for books with information about specific countries you might be interested in our countries guides books.

  10. Sometimes when living in a foreign country you can get cravings for food from your home country.
    In the following link you will discover where to search for your favorite expat food, and how to have it sent directly to your home in your host country.
    But what if the online store does not ship to your host country?
    No problem!
    You can use the services of an expat package forwarding company and still have it sent directly to you.

  12. Culture Shock – In most cases struggling with a culture shock when moving to a new country is inevitable, however it can be managed.
    Margarita Gokun Silver, Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Coach explains in details about culture shock and suggests how to handle it.

  14. E-products, E-readers and smart mobile devices are the perfect solution for expats living abroad and a great way to reduce your luggage weight.
    We have listed some of the best and most helpful sources to get you started.

  16. International Divorce – Sometimes life abroad as a married couple or a family gets too stressful and it ends with you or your partner filing for a divorce.
    It is therefore extremely important to find out everything about overseas divorce and its implications before starting the process.
    USA expats can find in the following link specific information about USA overseas divorce.

  18. Tips for choosing an overseas health Insurance – If you have been struggling with choosing the right health insurance company and are not sure what questions to ask then the tips in the above article are especially for you.
    To strengthen your knowledge you may also want to read the following article about choosing your health insurance abroad.
    And click on the following link to learn about the difference between global health insurance and expat travel insurance.

  20. Trailing Partner – If you have a career, friends and family in your home country and are worried you will find yourselves in a new country with none of the above and with nothing to fill your days, you can read about the challenges of being an expat woman followed by some tips on how to solve them. Men are also welcome to use the tips and suggestions from the article 😉

  22. Sometimes life overseas turns out to be a huge disappointment, and very different from what you expected.
    In the following article we will show you 5 Ways to turn your lousy expatriate life experience into a success.

  24. Expats Websites are an amazing source of information about expats living abroad.
    We have listed for you expats websites that provide general information about moving and relocating overseas, expats websites that are country or city specific and websites that focus on a particular aspect of life abroad like overseas employment, pet air travel, studying abroad and more.

  26. Property Listing – Are you having difficulties renting or selling your house before moving and relocating overseas?
    Why not list your property with us?
    This way you will reach thousands of extremely targeted clients from the expats community and from all over the world.
  27. Repats Challenges – Your posting abroad is over and it is time to go back home. Repatriation is a huge step and a big challenge. For some expats it is even harder then relocating overseas.
    For some tips about repatriation read the interview with Robin Pascoe a former Canadian diplomatic wife and the author of five books for families on global living.
    Repatriation Program – Tips and advice about re-assimilation into your home country and about repatriation programs.