Why Expat Children Love Audio Books?

If you ever relocated with kids to a new country where the local language was different than your own, you have most probably experienced the frustration and helplessness of keeping your kids busy and happy.
Your kids didn’t have any friends yet; they didn’t want to watch T.V. because they couldn’t understand the language, and you were so busy settling in the new country so you had no time to play with them.
This is where children audio books come to the rescue.
You can download your expat kids’ favorite books and let them listen to it on their Ipod, Mp3, or Computer.
They will feel less lonely and less bored. Moreover, they will enjoy having their “old friends” keeping them company.
A kid audio book is also an excellent solution when traveling with children. Imagine yourself in the car with 3 energetic kids asking every 5 minutes, Are we there? And every 10 minutes they say – I am hungry. Can we stop to eat?
Let me expand on that using my own experience with our kids – We were traveling from Quebec City back to Ottawa. This was a very long drive. The kids were tired and restless. We have just received Harry Potter audio book, so we started playing it. In just 5 minutes the kids were so captivated by the story that they forgot to ask- are we there? Is there any snack? Etc’
This was one of the best car drives we ever had with our 3 boys.
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