Relocation and Retirement: Will your Pension be Frozen?

  When it finally comes to enjoying your retirement you are free to spend it how you wish, perhaps go on a cruise, invest in a park home or holiday home or maybe simply do up your house and get to know the grandchildren a little better.   After spending decades at work and contributing towards the country’s economy, it’s time for a little you-time and to spend your pension and your autumn years how you choose. Maybe even emigrate to warmer shores for a cheaper lifestyle and better … [Read more...]

Retirement Talk: How to Live Cheaply & Comfortably Overseas

  If you're willing to leave the United States, you could retire on about $1,200 a month, MSN Money reports. Benefits to retiring overseas include lower taxes, a lower cost of living (meaning your pension can go a lot further) and in many cases, better weather.   The top five places to retire abroad are Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, France and Italy, according to AARP. Sound dreamy?   If you are considering retiring overseas, take the following into consideration before you … [Read more...]