6 Tips on Making Your Transition Back to the U.S. as Smooth as Possible

After months or years living abroad, you have decided to move back to the United States. While you are excited about being back in your native land, you are understandably concerned about the repatriating process. In order to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible, consider the following tips: Prepare for Reverse Culture Shock People who move to foreign countries are typically told to prepare for some serious culture shock. While these feelings are not usually addressed … [Read more...]

Why Are Brits Moving Back Home?

  For years, many Brits have made the decision to leave Britain’s grey skies in exchange for a sunnier lifestyle in Australia. For example, between 2005 and 2010 roughly 107,000 Brits moved overseas for a life down under.   However, more recently, figures have shown that an increasing number of Brits are choosing to move back home after discovering the Aussie way of living isn’t the dream lifestyle they once hoped for. Between the years 2009-2010 it was recorded that a total of … [Read more...]

Moving From Israel to the US

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Miriam fromIsrael   I am a 15 years old Texan girl that lives in Israel 8 years and now I am moving back to the U.S   Will I have trouble with school language, and what are the stuff I need to do before going into high school?   Thanks Miriam     Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for Miriam   Moving back to your home country can be daunting especially after 8 years of being away. … [Read more...]

TCK Repatriating and Adjusting to a New School

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by a repat parent who is concerned about the adjustment of his TCK kid to school back home   "We recently moved back from New Zealand to India. My elder son (6 yrs old), was attending grade 1 in NZ and in India he also started going to school in grade one.   The school, teachers and friends are all new to him, and he doesn't seem to enjoy it, at least in the first 3-4 days.   Moreover, schools in India start … [Read more...]

A Mother of Third Culture Kids who Repatriated

  Submitted by E. Cuddy from Ottawa, Canada   I can't find anything other than academics in regard to the parents, to the unit: The Repat/TCKS family. A Repat/TCKS family isn't all about the TCKS.   My husband and I had not lived here for almost seventeen years. For ten of those years we lived in a land about as different as any could be on this planet. From there we raised our two TCKS. We weren't associated with government or any other national organization from here. We … [Read more...]

How to Survive Reverse Culture Shock?

  Elena Nebreda, a returnee expat from Spain who experienced a bad case of Reverse Culture Shock last year when she moved back home after 8 years in the US.   Elena started How to survive reverse culture shock, a video blog with specific ideas and resources for repatriates who struggle with it and with other typical repatriate issues so they can get unstuck while feeling supported by our community.   Expats Guide: Reverse culture shock seems like the most kept secret … [Read more...]

Are You Searching for a Repatriation Program?

  Anouchka Eichmann is originally from France but currently live in the United States. She has worked in a number of industries and traveled extensively over the years, learning about foreign cultures and practices and collaborating or bonding with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.   Anouchka founded x-expats.com with the help and support of family, friends and acquaintances who believe as well that global exposure and knowledge enrich lives and contribute to our … [Read more...]

How to Repatriate ‘Painlessly’ to Your Home Country?

Repatriate - An Interview with Robin Pascoe - An Expat Expert and The Author of Five Books for Families on Global Living.   Robin Pascoe is a former Canadian diplomatic wife who got frustrated with the lack of support offered to families and decided to do something about it by writing and publishing books that would validate many of the challenges of global mobility and then share her own experience and the ways in which she handled those challenges.   As a journalist of 35 … [Read more...]