Moving Abroad: Ways to Make the Decision to Bring Your Pets or Not

There are huge decisions to face when offered the opportunity to move overseas. A change on this scale will offer experiences to dream of, and fears to keep you awake at night. One major choice that has to be made is whether you will take your beloved pets with you. What Do the Rules Say? Before you decide whether you will take your pets, you need to find out whether you can. Every country has its own regulations. Generally, the import of dogs and cats is possible in most countries, but … [Read more...]

Moving your pet to Majorca

When you’re deciding to relocate abroad, one of the most difficult thing for pet owners is the complications that come with getting your furry friend accepted in your chosen surroundings. Luckily in Majorca, pet friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches and bars make life a lot easier when you decide to take them in tow. So if you’re going to be heading abroad for a spot of winter sunshine, or hopping ship for good, here are some hints and tips on where to stay, where to go and how to get … [Read more...]

Pets Dictate Whether People Live Abroad

  Whilst many previous studies have found that crime rates or the quality of schools can dictate where people choose to live, new research has discovered that owning a pet also affects the decisions of those who are considering moving overseas. UK pet owners are reluctant to follow their dream of an expat lifestyle because they are worried about the associations with taking their beloved pet(s) to a foreign country – in fact, so much so that some potential movers decide against moving … [Read more...]

What is a Pet Passport and Where Can You Use It?

  Pet passport is used between member states of the European Union. It is used for dogs, cats and ferrets traveling or relocating with their owners to another EU country.   This is a veterinary document which contains details of the pet owner and the animal, including its microchip or identification details and vaccination records. Most importantly it provides a proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies. With this document your pet can enter any EU country with no … [Read more...]

How to Choose Airline Pet Carriers?

  When searching for pet kennels, make sure you choose airline approve pet carriers: It must be large enough for the pet to lie down comfortably, turn around, and stand freely.   The airline approved pet carrier must be closed securely but not locked, allowing personnel to open it in case of emergency.   Pet kennels should be appropriately and clearly labeled. Include your pets name, your details and destination contact information, as well as a designation of "Live … [Read more...]

Pet Relocation Made Easy

Planing a Pet Relocation? Read what Kevin O'brien, co-founder and President has to Suggest   Kevin O'Brien is the co-founder and President of, the pet travel and transportation industry's leading service provider in offering full-service arrangements using pet friendly airlines for domestic and international pet transportation.   Founded in 2004 in Austin, Texas, a strong emphasis is placed on assisting companies with relocating employees who … [Read more...]

Tips About International Pet Air Travel

  Pet air travel is becoming more common these days. Although international pet air travel is not cheap and involves a lot of preparation, still many expatriates decide to relocate overseas with their pet.   There are very good reasons for shipping your pet overseas: Your pet is one of your family members – Just as you wouldn't want to relocate overseas without your kids or spouse, so too, you wouldn't want to move abroad without your pet. Adjusting to your new country … [Read more...]