The 6 Most Useful Aids for Teaching Abroad

So you've decided to take the leap and fly to another country to teach. Your passport is ready. Your ticket is purchased. You're already writing your first blog post in your head. What now? While teaching abroad can be the most exciting experience of your life, it can also be the most demanding. Prepare yourself for the onslaught ahead of time by collecting and packing these six teaching aids before you leave. You can thank us later. 1. Games One of the best icebreakers in a new … [Read more...]

Wanderlust Careers: 4 Jobs for Water Lovers

For those who love the water and love to travel, a job overseas working on the water in some capacity is not a job at all - it's a dream come true. Depending on skills and interests, there's a wide variety of work in the hospitality and leisure industries on cruise lines, teaching travelers and guiding tourists. Whether it's working on a beautiful lake in a quaint resort town or sailing the ocean blue for days at a time, these jobs for water lovers combine the need to earn money with a love for … [Read more...]

Working Abroad: Tips for U.S. ESL Teachers to Blend In & Stay Safe

  ESL teachers need to know more than just the English language if planning to teach abroad. After you obtain your ESL certificate and land a job overseas, spend a week learning the nuances of your new nation. It will save you plenty of hassles, and could even save your life. Learn the Local Laws   Foreign countries have different, and sometimes strange, laws — even our cousins in Europe have a few odd legalities. You can be fined if you don't flush the toilet in … [Read more...]

Where British and American Expats are in Highest Employment Demand

  Craving a change of scenery? Perhaps thoughts of the expatriate life have been mingling around in your head for a while, but you just can’t bring yourself to actually make a move. One of the biggest reasons why many of just stay put is the uncertainty that comes with actually living in a foreign country. Sure, you’d like to think that everything will be fine and dandy, but in reality moving abroad is never easy (but always rewarding).   What if you get there only to discover … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Jobs in Netherlands

  The job market in the Netherlands is varied and, depending on where you live, provides employment opportunities for expats.   Netherlands’ jobs range from the agricultural sector, particularly in the flower, vegetable and meat industries, to office based work in international and local organisations.   The Hague has proved particularly attractive to organisations that employ a wide range of nationalities, making the area attractive for expats.   The presence of … [Read more...]

Everything you Should Know About Employment in Italy

  Gaining employment in Italy is certainly not without challenges for expats in Italy, but thorough research and realistic expectations can certainly help those intending to relocate to this Southern European country.   Job Opportunities in Italy   Italy's unemployment rate stands at 8.1% (as at May 2011), and although not as high as in the UK or US, expats living in Italy will find it difficult to secure a long term or permanent position. Those needing a work permit … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know about Jobs In France

  Finding Jobs in France as an expat is no easy task but starting a job search with the right tools and a good understanding of working in France gives you a head start.   Most employees in France work in the services sector, which dominates France’s economy. Just over a quarter of those working in France work industry and around five percent work in agriculture. Work in rural areas is scarce.   Without an excellent command of the French language, job options are limited to … [Read more...]

Jobs in Germany and Germany Employment Market

  Unemployment levels in Germany are currently at the lowest levels since 1992 at 7.4% (January 2011). However, expats who wish to find a job in Germany can face a difficult task.   Job Opportunities and German Work Permits   There are regional variations in the German job market, which can make things more difficult for expats in Germany looking for a job. 25% of Germany’s GDP comes from the manufacturing industry, namely cars and aircraft but expats will find that the … [Read more...]

Jobs in Israel – Taxes and Benefits for Employees in Israel

  Jobs in Israel- Dual Citizenship Taxation   Israel has treaties with many countries including USA, UK, and several European countries concerning taxation for income earned in Israel.   If an expat employee works in Israel and is earning money in Israel, tax obligations are obliged to the authorities of Israel.   According to one’s individual status, there might be other taxes implied by country of residence. However, an employee will not be taxed the same amount on … [Read more...]

How to find Jobs In Spain

  Spain’s economy is presently feeling the crunch and unemployment levels are currently high (over 21% as of May 2011), particularly amongst young people.   It’s not a picture that helps expats in Spain’s employment market but there are still opportunities if you know where to look.   Job Opportunities and Spanish Work Permits   To work in Spain expats from the EU and EEA do not require a work permit (but do need a residence permit).   Non-EU citizens however … [Read more...]