How to choose the right international school for your child in Prague: A guide for expats

  Moving to another country takes a lot of work and preparation, especially if you have a family to consider. It’s much easier to make a fresh start in another part of the world when you don’t have children, but as everyone knows a family means responsibility. When moving abroad, you will need to take your children’s education into account. Not only is it crucial that they receive an excellent education, but a good school will also help them to adjust to another culture and better … [Read more...]

Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Country

  Families move out of the country for a wide range of reasons. Some may leave for better job opportunities, while others choose to live closer to home. Some may be serving needy communities and regions, while others are primarily interested in gaining new cultural experiences. And sometimes it isn't the whole family that moves: A child may decide to spend a semester or full school year studying in a foreign country.   While this type of global movement is becoming more common, it … [Read more...]

Canada Primary School Admission Guideline Request

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Kaushik Dutta Kolkata, West Bengal, India   I am expected to travel soon from India to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada with my family (my wife and my 9+ years old son). I will be going with a Canadian work permit visa and my family with Dependent visa.   My son is presently studying in an English medium co-ed school here in the 3rd standard and from April 2010 he is supposed to be in the 4th standard.   My … [Read more...]

17 Year old with ADD and Studying at the International School in Warsaw

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by April in Warsaw, Poland   I have just started international assignment in Poland.   My family and I are here and we had began the application process for the American School prior to assignment.   We were told this week that the school would not admit my 17 year old because they did not feel she could do the IB classes.   She has ADD and her impairment is very mild. She mainly needs help with … [Read more...]

Admission Query for my 8 Years Old Special Needs Child in International Schools

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Paramjeet Singh, New Delhi/India   I am an Indian diplomat. I have an 8 years old son, who suffers from Autism and needs special attention in school and 6 yrs old normal daughter studying in Gr. 1.   I will soon be given a foreign posting.   Shall be grateful if you could suggest in which cities/countries good special education facilities are available in English language, particularly in international … [Read more...]

TCK Repatriating and Adjusting to a New School

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by a repat parent who is concerned about the adjustment of his TCK kid to school back home   "We recently moved back from New Zealand to India. My elder son (6 yrs old), was attending grade 1 in NZ and in India he also started going to school in grade one.   The school, teachers and friends are all new to him, and he doesn't seem to enjoy it, at least in the first 3-4 days.   Moreover, schools in India start … [Read more...]

Schooling Experience in St.Petersburg, Russia

  Described by F.J. an expat parent in Russia   Hello, dear parents!   My family had to spend the previous year in Saint-Petersburg, and being a mother, the question that concerned me the most was: how will my child get used to the new surroundings, especially to a Russian school?   My son couldn't speak Russian so finding the right place to study without his falling behind at school seemed troublesome.   That’s why me and my husband decided to make a … [Read more...]

Helping Your Expat Children to Learn a Foreign Language

Many kids have to learn a foreign language when relocating overseas. Although this is not easy, it is one of the best benefits your kids can gain out of the expatriate adventure.   Of course the benefit of knowing how to speak a second language is mostly for those who relocate to a country where the spoken language is different than the one spoken in their native country.   If this is your situation, you are most probably worried about your kids – How will they understand the … [Read more...]

Why Expat Children Love Audio Books?

  If you ever relocated with kids to a new country where the local language was different than your own, you have most probably experienced the frustration and helplessness of keeping your kids busy and happy.   Your kids didn't have any friends yet; they didn't want to watch T.V. because they couldn't understand the language, and you were so busy settling in the new country so you had no time to play with them.   This is where children audio books come to the rescue. … [Read more...]

How to Buy Kids Luggage for Your Relocating Overseas Adventure?

  The house is packed, all relevant documents are ready. You have invested so much time and effort to arrange everything for moving and relocating overseas.   But before you head to the airport invest some time in choosing your kids luggage.   Why is it important?   Think about your kids – A few days ago they still had their own room, filled with all their belongings. They had a private place where they could read, write, play, and hide when they wanted some … [Read more...]