Britain Real Estate and the British Housing Market

  Finding somewhere to live when you move overseas is a top priority and researching the property market is vital before you rent or buy in Great Britain.   Britain’s Rental Market   Deciding whether you should be renting or buying a house in the UK can be a difficult decision.   One factor is the length of your expat assignment or the time you expect to spend in the UK. For short-term assignments, it is probably best to concentrate on the rental … [Read more...]

Some Guidance about Employment and Jobs in the United Kingdom

  Although the unemployment rate stood at over seven percent in the last quarter of 2010, the United Kingdom still provides varied work opportunities for expats who do not need a British work permit. For others, finding a job may not be easy.   Job Opportunities and British Work Visa   There are a variety of job types in the UK, ranging from seasonal, temporary and casual work, to highly skilled professional roles.   If you are a citizen of a European Union (EU) … [Read more...]

Here are Some Visas Details Before Moving to UK

  Before you pack up for a move to the UK, be sure that you know the ins and outs of the UK visa and immigration process so that your paperwork is in order before you travel.   The UK Border Agency is responsible for processing immigration requests, visa applications and asylum requests.   Citizens of European Union (EU) member states, European Economic Area countries (EEA) and Switzerland.   EU and EEA/ Swiss citizens are exempt from United Kingdom immigration … [Read more...]

United Kingdom Information for Expats

  Making the move to a new country is just half of the challenge.   Here is some information about the United Kingdom (UK) that will help you get settled too.     Expatriates Moving to UK UK - Overview Moving to UK British Culture Britain Real Estate UK Work Market   United Kingdom Information   Speaking the Local Language   One and a half billion people speak English across the globe. To get the … [Read more...]

Understanding British Culture

  Some Tips about the British Culture Before Moving to UK Personified by tea drinkers in bowler hats reading broadsheet newspapers, beer drinkers in football shirts or royal garden parties, the British are subject to numerous stereotypes.   Here are the things you need to know to understand the British.   History   The British Empire stretched far and wide and left its mark on different countries across the globe. In return, these countries influenced Britain, … [Read more...]