Pushing, smiling, and driving in Russia

  by Loring, Zephyrhills, Florida, USA My experience in Russia is that they need less personal space than in the USA, especially in crowds. On a crowded street or metro station, they will push you from behind. They would be surprised if you were offended by it, and they would not be offended if you push them.   I also found that people do not smile and laugh on the street much. They will open up and be very friendly in their homes, however. Hospitality means they will invite … [Read more...]

Schooling Experience in St.Petersburg, Russia

  Described by F.J. an expat parent in Russia   Hello, dear parents!   My family had to spend the previous year in Saint-Petersburg, and being a mother, the question that concerned me the most was: how will my child get used to the new surroundings, especially to a Russian school?   My son couldn't speak Russian so finding the right place to study without his falling behind at school seemed troublesome.   That’s why me and my husband decided to make a … [Read more...]

St Petersburg, Russia – What Expats Need to Know?

Answered by Margarita Gokun Silver, an Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Success Coach   Expats Guide: What is the spoken language, and how much local language do you to know for daily living?   Margarita Gokun Silver: Russian is the main language. I happen to speak it very well :)   Expats Guide: How is the weather?   Margarita Gokun Silver:The weather isn't the greatest -- especially in the winter when most of the times the sky is dark and it's either raining or … [Read more...]