Life in Israel Facts

  Israel Facts and Important Information for Expats     Important Information About Israel Israel- Overview Money and Banking Israel lifestyle Taxes and Benefits Israel Education Israel Healthcare Culture Shock Learn Hebrew Some Facts About Israel   Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Israel shares its borders with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.   The landscape is quite varied including deserts, hills, … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of Health Care in Israel

  The current stance on health care in Israel is that society is responsible for the health of the citizens. Therefore, healthcare is universal and compulsory, extending to every resident in Israel regardless of one’s financial status or pre-existing condition.   As a national socialized system, healthcare insurance is publicly financed through income and general revenue as well as public and private contributions. An employee is deducted 5% of his monthly paycheck to Bituach … [Read more...]

Everything About Education in Israel

  Education in Israel is a fundamental value in which rests the key to the future for Israeli society.   The Israeli education system strives to impart civic values, Jewish Heritage, technological and analytical skills and a broad knowledge base.   One of the main goals and challenges Israel faces is providing equal opportunities in education for all children.   The diverse population creates wide gaps in Israeli society and is testified in the current education … [Read more...]

Learn Hebrew Online With Israel’s Best Teachers

  Are you searching for Hebrew language courses? Can't decide which language program to choose? Feeling overwhelmed with all the available courses?   Before you choose any course you should know that Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew are not the same.   Biblical Hebrew is the language of the Old Testament. It is usually used for studying the bible, and for praying.   Modern Hebrew is the spoken language in Israel today. It was revived from Biblical Hebrew and was … [Read more...]

Jobs in Israel – Taxes and Benefits for Employees in Israel

  Jobs in Israel- Dual Citizenship Taxation   Israel has treaties with many countries including USA, UK, and several European countries concerning taxation for income earned in Israel.   If an expat employee works in Israel and is earning money in Israel, tax obligations are obliged to the authorities of Israel.   According to one’s individual status, there might be other taxes implied by country of residence. However, an employee will not be taxed the same amount on … [Read more...]

Moving to Israel – Money and Banking

  Are you moving to Israel? Not sure how the banking system work in Israel or how to open an Israeli bank account?   Here you can find answers to these questions and much more.   The currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (also known as the Shekel - NIS). There are 100 Agarot (cents) in 1 shekel.   The exchange rate fluctuates daily and ranges from 3.5NIS: $1 to 4.5NIS : $1.   Moving to Israel - Banking   All migrant workers are able to open a … [Read more...]

Living in Israel
A Full Cross-Cultural Training on Israel “Welcome to Israel”

  Are you moving to Israel?   Planning on working and living in Israel?   Maybe you are visiting Israel on a business trip or thinking about establishing business relations with Israeli companies?   Whatever reasons you have for traveling to Israel you must be wondering about life in Israel, its people, the Israeli business etiquette and how well would you adjust to the Israeli culture?     Culture is often viewed as an iceberg. A small part … [Read more...]

Experiencing Israel Culture shock

  Some tips about dealing with the Israeli Culture before Moving to Israel How to overcome Israel culture shock as recounted by an American who immigrated to Israel:   Moving to work or to live in a different country can be overwhelming, even somewhat shocking. It can be so shocking; society has termed the experience- culture shock! This phenomenon is somewhat inevitable. There are ways to decrease the unpleasantries of the experience. But it happens to everyone, … [Read more...]