Why You should Learn German Language When Relocating to Germany?

  Expats living in Germany are advised to learn German Language. In fact, if you plan to stay long-term, some expats have no choice but to learn the local language for their visas.   And why wouldn't you want to learn German? It’s is the main language of over 95 million people and the second language in Europe after English.   German Language Origins   The good news for English speakers is that the German language evolved from the same base language as English i.e. … [Read more...]

Advice on Germany Housing and Rentals for Expats Relocating to Germany

  Housing is one of the primary considerations when you move overseas and a relocation to Germany is no exception.   Here’s what to expect when searching for property in Germany.   To Buy or to Rent in Germany?   This is the first question to consider when you are living in Germany – and for most expats the answer is simple enough. Renting is the choice of the majority of expats in Germany. However, there are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in … [Read more...]

Jobs in Germany and Germany Employment Market

  Unemployment levels in Germany are currently at the lowest levels since 1992 at 7.4% (January 2011). However, expats who wish to find a job in Germany can face a difficult task.   Job Opportunities and German Work Permits   There are regional variations in the German job market, which can make things more difficult for expats in Germany looking for a job. 25% of Germany’s GDP comes from the manufacturing industry, namely cars and aircraft but expats will find that the … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Relocation to Germany

  Here is an overview of the process for relocation to Germany for those planning a new life in Germany.   Residence Permits   All foreigners living in Germany for more than three months must apply for a residence permit, which also provides the basis for the right to work. These are granted on either an unlimited basis (for EU Nationals) or for a specific duration.   You need a valid passport and proof that you have a place to live and a means of supporting … [Read more...]

Information About Germany For Expats

    Important Information About Gremany Germany- Overview Germany Relocation + Visa Jobs in Germany Jobs in Germany German Language Expat Cuisine Frankfurt Germany Culture   Some Facts About Gernmany   Being able to keep in touch with friends and family back home, as well as keep up to date with news from back home, is important for most expats. Sitting and relaxing with your favourite TV or radio show in your host … [Read more...]

Understanding Germany Culture

  What you Should Know about Germany Culture before Relocating to Germany   Musical, historical, political, architectural, culinary and religious influences shape the culture of Germany.   It is a country that has been physically, ideologically and politically divided.   When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, the two sides of Germany started the process of reunification.   It was a process that revealed the existence of two distinct societies within one … [Read more...]

Expat Cuisine – Creative Cooking Courses for Expats in Frankfurt

Expats in Frankfurt, Germany share their passion for cooking and meeting interesting people   Hilly van Swol and Marcel T. Müller joint interest in people and places, and their passion for creative cooking, inspired them to bring all this together in culinary programs and expat networking events, and to establish Expat Cuisine In Frankfurt, Germany.   Hilly says that having relocated many times herself, she knows how hard it is for newcomers - Arriving somewhere new, with … [Read more...]