Making Sense of France Housing Market

  The real estate market in France and France housing is attractive to foreign investors because it remains stable, housing is in demand, new build projects are numerous and mortgage rates are low.   If you are relocating to France and looking to buy or rent a house, here are the essentials:   Finding a Property to Rent   The demand for housing in big cities like Paris can make finding a rental property an arduous task for expats. Furthermore, be sure to avoid … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know about Jobs In France

  Finding Jobs in France as an expat is no easy task but starting a job search with the right tools and a good understanding of working in France gives you a head start.   Most employees in France work in the services sector, which dominates France’s economy. Just over a quarter of those working in France work industry and around five percent work in agriculture. Work in rural areas is scarce.   Without an excellent command of the French language, job options are limited to … [Read more...]

Visa Procedures for Moving to France

  Making sure you have the right paperwork before moving to France is vital. Here’s what you need to know about visas and permits involved in immigration to France.   Expats from European Union and EEA countries are exempt from work permit and visa procedures in France, except for those countries that have recently gained accession into the EU as a transition period is in force and work permits are still required.   Moving to France - Work Permits   There are two … [Read more...]

Information on France to Help You Settle In

  Getting yourself set up in a new country takes time and research. Here’s some information on France to get you started when relocating to France.     Relocating to France - Important Information France- Overview French Culture Visa Procedures Jobs in France France housing   Information on France - Learning French   There are a variety of ways for expats to get their language skills up to scratch. … [Read more...]

Getting to Grips with French Culture

  Some Tips about the French Culture Before Moving to France The French culture has been sculpted by its geography, history and religious composition and is centred on the arts, literature, language, fashion and cuisine.   Understanding customs and etiquette in France will make your stay a more pleasant experience.   The French Language   Most French people, particularly in the business world, speak English. Expats should at least attempt to learn key phrases … [Read more...]