A Guide to Netherlands Housing

  The Netherlands is densely populated and finding the right house for you can be a challenge.   If your expat assignment is a medium (three years) to long term one (more than five years) and you are looking at a property segment where the monthly rent is considerable, then buying maybe a good option for you.   If you are staying in the Netherlands for less than three years it may well be preferable to rent.   Netherlands Housing - Renting a House   There … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Jobs in Netherlands

  The job market in the Netherlands is varied and, depending on where you live, provides employment opportunities for expats.   Netherlands’ jobs range from the agricultural sector, particularly in the flower, vegetable and meat industries, to office based work in international and local organisations.   The Hague has proved particularly attractive to organisations that employ a wide range of nationalities, making the area attractive for expats.   The presence of … [Read more...]

A Guide to the Netherlands Immigration Process

  If you are planning to relocate to the Netherlands, then you must have all the right paperwork to legally reside and work there.   Here is an overview of Dutch immigration policy.   The Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) handles residence permits, Netherlands visa, asylum requests and work permits. Their website has a comprehensive English section and a ‘residence wizard’ which details the route you need to take to obtain the relevant Netherlands visas and permits … [Read more...]

Welcome to Holland – Information About Netherlands

  Getting yourself set up in a new country takes some organising.   Here is some information about the Netherlands to help you get settled.     Welcome to Holland - Important Information Netherlands - Overview Netherlands Immigration Netherlands Culture Netherlands Housing Netherlands Jobs   Keeping In Touch: Netherlands Internet, Telephone and Television   Dutch Television   There are three public … [Read more...]

How to Learn Italian Language

  If you can communicate with the locals and make yourself understood in every day situations you'll find your new country feels more quickly like home. Italy is no exception.   Here are some tips to help you learn to speak Italian.   Italy's Language   93% of Italy's population speaks Italian, the country's official language. It is the language taught in schools and understood nationwide. However, half of the population (also) speaks a regional … [Read more...]

Italy Property Market: A Guide for Expats

  If you are considering a life in Italy then one of your first considerations will certainly be a place to call home.   Here are some tips to help you find your way through Italy property market, whether you are looking at buying or renting property in Italy.   Italy Property - Buy or Rent?   Expats are faced with the option of buying or renting property when they are moving to Italy.   Ultimately the decision to buy will be determined by the reason for your … [Read more...]

Everything you Should Know About Employment in Italy

  Gaining employment in Italy is certainly not without challenges for expats in Italy, but thorough research and realistic expectations can certainly help those intending to relocate to this Southern European country.   Job Opportunities in Italy   Italy's unemployment rate stands at 8.1% (as at May 2011), and although not as high as in the UK or US, expats living in Italy will find it difficult to secure a long term or permanent position. Those needing a work permit … [Read more...]

Are You Moving to Italy?

  Here is a guide about moving to Italy and an overview of the immigration process for those who choose for a new life in Italy, be it for retirement, work or study.   Moving to Italy - Residence Permits   EU nationals in possession of a valid travel identity document may stay in Italy for up to three months without any residence documentation.   All EU nationals staying in Italy for more than three months must register at the local immigration office with their ID, … [Read more...]

Italy Information and Tips about Moving to Italy

  If you are moving overseas there is a lot for you and your family to organise. Here you can find general information to help new expats in Italy get settled and get acquainted with the basics of life in Italy.     Relocating to Italy- Important Information Italy- Overview Visa Procedures Italian Customs Employment in Italy Italy Property Learn Italian   Keeping In Touch: Italy's Internet, Telephone and Television … [Read more...]

Making Sense of France Housing Market

  The real estate market in France and France housing is attractive to foreign investors because it remains stable, housing is in demand, new build projects are numerous and mortgage rates are low.   If you are relocating to France and looking to buy or rent a house, here are the essentials:   Finding a Property to Rent   The demand for housing in big cities like Paris can make finding a rental property an arduous task for expats. Furthermore, be sure to avoid … [Read more...]