Relocating to Canada: The Easier the better. Shipping by Land Vs Sea.

Although Canada is just a “stone’s throw” from the US, moving across the border is still considered an international move. Relocating can be a big undertaking when making a move to within the country; an international move involves different and more difficult challenges.   There are a few ways to go about an international move and important information to know about each one:   Moving by Air Traveling by air may be the quickest way to get to a destination, but when you are … [Read more...]

Helpful Resources and Information about Living in the Beautiful City of Ottawa

  Before moving to the Ottawa, it is important that you gather as much information as you can about the city.   Some rather read books about the country, others prefer to surf the net, or consult with friends.   Whatever you choose just keep in mind that the more you know, the better you are prepared, and the easier you adjust to expatriate life in the Ottawa, Canada   Here is some information about the Ottawa to help you get started.   City of Ottawa - … [Read more...]

Ottawa Housing – Tips and Leads

  There is a tremendous range of housing options for people relocating Ottawa. Housing choices range from apartments to affordable homes for young families to luxurious mansions.   How to choose where to live in the city of Ottawa?   When you begin to look at possible rentals, it's important to evaluate the location as well as the building and living space. Some things that you should consider before choosing where to live on Ottawa, Canada are:   Distance to work … [Read more...]

Ottawa Canada – Your Comprehensive Guide

  Are you moving to Ottawa? You are about to experience one of the prettiest capitals in the world.   Ottawa offers something for everyone     Are you an outdoor person? No problem, Ottawa Canada is rich in rivers, lakes, green spaces, parks and wilderness areas; You have plenty to choose from ? biking, skiing, canoeing, jogging, hiking, skating, etc'.   Are you more interested in culture and city life? Ottawa is the perfect place for you. … [Read more...]

Do you need information about a Canada Work Visa?

  Here you can find general information about Canada work visa. However, for the most up-to-date Canada visa requirements you should contact your local embassy or consulate. Canada Work Visa - Working Temporarily in Canada Generally speaking you will need a work visa for most temporary jobs in Canada.   However you might not need a work permit if you meet on of the following:   Business visitors (is different from business people) – People who are engage in … [Read more...]

Information about Student Visa for Canada

  Thinking about relocating to Canada to study? Searching for colleges or universities in Canada?   Before you start packing, you must first be accepted to one of the recognized universities/schools in Canada, and only then you can apply for a Canadian student visa. Student Visa for Canada – Do you need one? You may be exempt from a Canada student visa if: You study in a short-term course or program that lasts six months or less. You must complete the course or … [Read more...]

Relocating to Canada: Tax Issues to Consider

  If you are relocating to Canada for the first time, or if you are a repatriating Canadian, you will need to consider the various tax implications of your move. Liability to Canadian tax is based on residency so it will be important to determine exactly which day you become a Canadian tax resident. It's important to keep in mind that your status for tax purposes can be very different from your status for immigration purposes and that the two do not necessarily go hand in.   Please … [Read more...]

Some Information About Education in Canada for Expats

  Searching and gathering information about the education in Canada is one of the most important things to do if you have school age kids.   The Education in Canada is within provincial jurisdiction and the curriculum is overseen by the province. There are significant differences between the education systems of the different provinces.   Each province reflects its specific regional concerns, and historical and cultural heritage. Within the provinces ministry of education, … [Read more...]

Canada Health Care and Health Insurance for Expats

  Searching and gathering information about health care and health insurance of your destination country is one of the most important things to do.   Canada has a national health insurance program - "Medicare". This program offers national health care services on the basis of peoples need rather on their ability to pay; All residents have access to hospitals and doctors on a prepaid basis. However, in the recent years, crowded hospitals, and long waiting times for the treatment … [Read more...]

Living in Canada – Overview for Expats

  Before relocating to Canada, it is important that you gather as much information as you can about the country, its society, land, government, economic etc.'   The more you know, the better you are prepared, and the easier you adjust to expatriate life in Canada.   To help you get started here is some information about driving in Canada and about recreation and sports in Canada Driving in Canada Driving in Canada is an experience by itself, especially for people … [Read more...]