Top 10 Tips for Getting a Job in Australia

New experience, wholly different way of life and fresh feelings – that is what many people are looking for in another country. When it comes to Australia, it is even difficult to imagine how it will go with the job, place for living, new friends and acquaintances. It is not for nothing that people call it the “Down under Land” as a great number of things are absolutely different there and need some time to get over them. Well, we are all here, because Australia is our job search destination … [Read more...]

Migration to Australia as a Nurse

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Al Pennsauken, New Jersey U.S.A   I am an American with an interest in working in Australia and stay there permanently. Am a licensed practical nurse in America which is equivalent to endorsed enrolled nurse in Australia.   I would like to know type of visa I should apply for, assessing authority in Australia to assess my qualification or am I qualify as a skilled independent migrant?   Please advice, … [Read more...]

How to Obtain International Health Insurance for Aged Mother 71 Years as Dependent of 457 Visa to Australia?

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by R.S   I am in the process of obtaining a visa 457 for employment in Australia.   I have a state sponsored job.   I will be accompanied by my husband, 2 children aged 12 and 13 years and my mother 71 years.   I need to have an insurance cover for all of these persons in order to apply for this visa.   How do I set about it?   Thanks, R.S     Hereunder are a few … [Read more...]

Australia Student Visa Point System

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Sufii from Pakistan   Please tell me about Australia study visa point system.   I have done +2 in 60% 10th grade in 71%.   Ielts 5.5 not less than 5.   Accepted by Cambridge College Australia in management diploma.   My father is gonna sponsor me. He has AUD40000$   Please tell me about my Australian study visa chances and, please also tell me if the family tree is a compulsory document … [Read more...]

What Types of Australian Work Visa Exists?

  Here you can find general information about Australian work visa options. The information provided here is for those who are seeking a temporary work visa.   However, for the most up-to-date Australia visa requirements you should contact your local embassy or consulate.   Employer Sponsored Workers   To qualify for this visa you have to be sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated position and you should have the skills, qualifications, and experience that are … [Read more...]

How To Apply For Student Visa Australia, And What Are The Visa Requirements?

  Are you planning on studying abroad? Thinking about studying in Australia?   Then, you will need to apply for Australian student visa.   To be eligible for a student visa you must first be accepted for a full time study in a registered course at one of Australia's schools, technical colleges or universities.     A registered course is a course offered by an Australian education provider that is registered on the commonwealth register of … [Read more...]

How Can a Working Holiday Visa Australia Finance your Travel Abroad?

  If you are between 18 to 30 years old, and planning a long trip to Australia, but do not have enough money to finance it, then you might want to consider the working holiday visa program.     In short – this Australian visa allows you to work legally in Australia while traveling and to get paid for your work.   What could be better?   There is no need to be afraid of the immigration authorities who might deport you from Australia if … [Read more...]

Nursing Jobs in Australia with a Click of a Mouse

  Are you searching for nursing Jobs in Australia? Planning on moving to Australia but having a hard time finding a suitable Australia nursing job?   Before you check out the Australia nursing jobs search box, I would strongly recommend that you read the interview with Emma Bates a U.K nurse working in Australia and read her e-book Nursing in Australia - a guide to working & living as a nurse Down Under.   Make sure you understand thoroughly the requirement for … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know About Nursing in Australia

  An Interview With Emma Bates a Nurse From The UK , living and working in Australia, Who Shares Tips About Working as a Nurse Down Under   Emma Bates is originally from the South East of England and came to Australia in January 2004.   Emma has worked in the health profession for nearly 20 years and has held a variety of senior nursing positions both in the UK and in Australia.   Emma has published research in both countries and has taught nursing students who … [Read more...]

What Expatriates Need to Know About Healthcare in Australia

  Australia has a very good healthcare system. It's a mix of private and public healthcare system. The public service is funded by the Australian government.   Over the counter medications like painkillers, antihistamines for allergies and skin care products can be found at pharmacies and even in supermarkets. However if you take medication on a regular basis, bring enough supply and ensure you have details of the generic name as brand names may differ between … [Read more...]