How to Learn Italian Language

  If you can communicate with the locals and make yourself understood in every day situations you'll find your new country feels more quickly like home. Italy is no exception.   Here are some tips to help you learn to speak Italian.   Italy's Language   93% of Italy's population speaks Italian, the country's official language. It is the language taught in schools and understood nationwide. However, half of the population (also) speaks a regional … [Read more...]

Why You should Learn German Language When Relocating to Germany?

  Expats living in Germany are advised to learn German Language. In fact, if you plan to stay long-term, some expats have no choice but to learn the local language for their visas.   And why wouldn't you want to learn German? It’s is the main language of over 95 million people and the second language in Europe after English.   German Language Origins   The good news for English speakers is that the German language evolved from the same base language as English i.e. … [Read more...]

Learn Hebrew Online With Israel’s Best Teachers

  Are you searching for Hebrew language courses? Can't decide which language program to choose? Feeling overwhelmed with all the available courses?   Before you choose any course you should know that Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew are not the same.   Biblical Hebrew is the language of the Old Testament. It is usually used for studying the bible, and for praying.   Modern Hebrew is the spoken language in Israel today. It was revived from Biblical Hebrew and was … [Read more...]

How to Learn to Speak Spanish

  If you are planning on becoming an expat in Spain you will also most likely be considering how far your command of the Spanish language needs to go, and what the best way to learn Spanish is.   Do I Need to Speak Spanish?   This is a question frequently asked by expats. The answer for expats in Spain lies in personal circumstances and location.   If you are moving to a popular expat area in coastal Spain there is arguably less need to learn an abundance of Spanish … [Read more...]

Why Language Translation is Important for Expats?

  Relocating overseas is like being born again; there are no records about you in the new country – When were you born? Are you married? Single? What is your profession? etc'.   Of course, it is important to bring all relevant documents – birth certificate, immunization records, marriage certificate, etc' to your destination country   But     If people don't speak your language at the new country they won't be able to read and understand … [Read more...]

Online Language Courses – Learn a Language with an Online Tutor

  Learning a foreign language with an online tutor is one of the best ways to acquire a new language, and has been available only due to the development of online technologies.   Technology has made online language courses easy, fast, and fun. Not only it allows you to listen to audio files, download software's, and view videos, but the interactive technologies like web cam and microphones enables you to see and speak with the teacher in real time.   You can go directly to … [Read more...]

Learn a Language with Byki

  How would you like to learn a language without practicing grammar all the time?   I would love it, because grammar and I don't get along;   When I returned home from the U.S.A (I was a kid at that time), I had perfect English. However, when my School English teacher started to teach us grammar, I got lost. I didn't feel comfortable to speak English anymore, and therefore my English deteriorated. It took many years to gain my confidence back.   Other than that – … [Read more...]

Find Out How to Learn Any Language

  Susanna Zaraysky has the answer to the question how to learn any language - learning a language is simple - You should treat it as music.   One of the main challenges for expats when relocating overseas is to learn a new language. Some expats find it so difficult that they give up on learning how to speak the local language.   This is quite unfortunate as they miss out on experiencing to the fullest many of the wonderful things that their host country has to offer as … [Read more...]

Learning Thai The Easiest Way

Advice about Learning Thai from author Aaron Handel Aaron is from California, but lives in Thailand, north of Chiang Mai. He first came to Thailand 30 years ago as an amateur photographer. Aaron became fascinated with Thai culture and language. Since then, he has learned to speak Thai fluently.   Aaron has taught English to Thai students and Thai to English speakers. He is the author of two books, Thai Phrase Book with Tones, and Thai Language Course, Speaking and Listening, 5th … [Read more...]

Helping Your Expat Children to Learn a Foreign Language

Many kids have to learn a foreign language when relocating overseas. Although this is not easy, it is one of the best benefits your kids can gain out of the expatriate adventure.   Of course the benefit of knowing how to speak a second language is mostly for those who relocate to a country where the spoken language is different than the one spoken in their native country.   If this is your situation, you are most probably worried about your kids – How will they understand the … [Read more...]