All You Need to Know About Nursing in Australia

  An Interview With Emma Bates a Nurse From The UK , living and working in Australia, Who Shares Tips About Working as a Nurse Down Under   Emma Bates is originally from the South East of England and came to Australia in January 2004.   Emma has worked in the health profession for nearly 20 years and has held a variety of senior nursing positions both in the UK and in Australia.   Emma has published research in both countries and has taught nursing students who … [Read more...]

Find Out How to Learn Any Language

  Susanna Zaraysky has the answer to the question how to learn any language - learning a language is simple - You should treat it as music.   One of the main challenges for expats when relocating overseas is to learn a new language. Some expats find it so difficult that they give up on learning how to speak the local language.   This is quite unfortunate as they miss out on experiencing to the fullest many of the wonderful things that their host country has to offer as … [Read more...]

How to Exchange Currency Fairly?

Exchange Currency at CurrencyFair - A Unique Marketplace Where People Buy and Sell Currencies to Other People   Brett Meyers is the managing Director and one of the four founding Directors of CurrencyFair - The Fair way to exchange currency   Expats Guide: What's your background?   Brett: I’m Australian but I’ve been living in Ireland for the last ten years or so. The three other founding directors are from Australia, Ireland and Wales. So three of us are expats … [Read more...]

Here is What American Expat Need to Know About Filing USA Tax Return

  Are you an American expat searching for tax advice and preparation?   Are you planning on filing your USA tax returns outside the U.S.A and are not sure what are your rights and obligations?   Nick Hodges the President of is providing some answers to common questions about USA tax return.   Expats Guide: What are the deadlines for filing a tax return?   Nick Hodges: In general you have to file tax return on April 15 of the following year. … [Read more...]

Why American Expatriates Should Consult Expats Tax Expert?

  Are you an American expatriates?   Do you know that USA expatriates must pay expat taxes?   Do you fully understand your expat taxes obligations and exclusions?   Did you know that U.S. expatriates are always taxed on world-wide income or that most U.S. expatriates qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion by meeting the 'physical presence test'?   And what about opening a bank account overseas? Did you know that all earnings from these accounts are … [Read more...]

American Expatriate Taxes Return Filing Requirements – The Short and Simple Guide

Wriiten By IJ Zemelman, EA, Taxes for Expats LLP.   As an american expat you must still file USA expatriate taxes return.   The United States requires all citizens and permanent residents (that is, green card holders) to file the U.S. Federal income tax returns.   The U.S. is fairly unique in this regard, so take note: you must still file your federal tax return even if you move out of the country and are currently living abroad. Even if you have not earned any U.S. … [Read more...]

How to Survive Reverse Culture Shock?

  Elena Nebreda, a returnee expat from Spain who experienced a bad case of Reverse Culture Shock last year when she moved back home after 8 years in the US.   Elena started How to survive reverse culture shock, a video blog with specific ideas and resources for repatriates who struggle with it and with other typical repatriate issues so they can get unstuck while feeling supported by our community.   Expats Guide: Reverse culture shock seems like the most kept secret … [Read more...]

Are You Searching for a Repatriation Program?

  Anouchka Eichmann is originally from France but currently live in the United States. She has worked in a number of industries and traveled extensively over the years, learning about foreign cultures and practices and collaborating or bonding with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.   Anouchka founded with the help and support of family, friends and acquaintances who believe as well that global exposure and knowledge enrich lives and contribute to our … [Read more...]

How to Repatriate ‘Painlessly’ to Your Home Country?

Repatriate - An Interview with Robin Pascoe - An Expat Expert and The Author of Five Books for Families on Global Living.   Robin Pascoe is a former Canadian diplomatic wife who got frustrated with the lack of support offered to families and decided to do something about it by writing and publishing books that would validate many of the challenges of global mobility and then share her own experience and the ways in which she handled those challenges.   As a journalist of 35 … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know About US Expats Overseas Divorce

Overseas Divorce - An Interview with Tracy Achen From US Woman's Divorce After Tracy Achen has struggled through her own divorce and its aftermath, she made it her goal to help other women understand the divorce process and learn what their rights are. As a result, Tracy established in 2001 to provide a unique community for women to come together and find support during all stages of divorce.   The website offers comprehensive information on the legalities of getting … [Read more...]