Canada Student Visa Applications – Tips and Suggestions

  Here is what Arun Babu from Vancouver, Canada shared with us about his Canadian student visa application process   Hi to all   I applied for a Canadian study permit on December and received a Student Visa to Canada. I am now studying at the University in Vancouver, BC, Canada.   I would like to share my story and to offer some tips for those who worries about Canadian student visa refusal. I hope it will help you.   At the beginning I applied for F-1 US … [Read more...]

Tokyo – The Most Exciting City In The World

  Submitted by Alma from TokyoTopGuide   If you're expecting a laid back Asian city, you're in for a big surprise...   Tokyo is a bustling, Modern and very sophisticated city, with a touch of oriental in the background.   There's no better way to get to know the city than walk into the local neighborhoods and find those remote little shinto shrines tucked away.   By the way - Tokyo is a very safe city. There's no dangerous quarters, and if you accidentally … [Read more...]

Living in Azerbaijan – Problems with Power

  Submitted by Judy from Toronto, Canada   In 1996 I moved to Azerbaijan with my husband and 9 year old son. At that time it was a newly independent former Soviet state and conditions were pretty poor. This is an extract from one of the letters I wrote home to family and friends.   Tuesday didn't start well. I slept late because of jet lag and when the water went off at 9am I still hadn’t had a bath or washed my hair. The water stayed off until 4.30pm, but I did manage … [Read more...]

Expats Living in India – The Expat Arc: An Expat’s Journey Over Culture Shock

  The Expat Arc is a collection of Danielle Barkhouse's jounrnal entries about her life as an expat in India. Daniellle describes her journey over the arc of culture shock, identity crisis and settling in. It includes nuggets of her humor, mistakes and a few 'light bulb moments' about living abroad.   Danielle's book The Expat Arc: An Expat's Journey Over Culture Shock can be found on Amazon.   In here you can read a chapter from her book:   Creepy Crawlies … [Read more...]

Working in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  submitted by Melanie, Toronto, Canada   Back in 2002 I worked for a month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a fantastic experience, and a real learning experience. I absolutely loved it. So much so we are returning this summer!   I was amazed at how Western and Eastern cultures seem to blend together well here. As I walked down the street I would see western looking people in western type clothes. And then I would see Muslim Arabic women wearing the full black cloak, the … [Read more...]

Volunteering in Thailand

  Submitted by Karol and Sam Epstein from Vancouver British Columbia,Canada   My husband and I decided to have an experience in another part of the world before embarking on a move to Vancouver British Columbia from Montreral,Quebec.   The reason for this move is to spend our retirement years with our beloved children and grandchildren who all live out west.   As a recommendation from our daughter, Elana, we decided to search the web sites for some volunteer … [Read more...]

From Vacations to Living in New Zealand

  Described by by Beate Cisse an expat in New-Zealand   Living in New Zealand today is a result of childhood dreams stirred up by an uncle who invited to his slide presentation of his travels.   Realizing that there is more out there than this narrow clear outlined and often quite static life encouraged reaching out. Spreading wings and discovering new horizons were important. It took a while to throw over board passed on principles. Eventually the charm, beauty, … [Read more...]

Schooling Experience in St.Petersburg, Russia

  Described by F.J. an expat parent in Russia   Hello, dear parents!   My family had to spend the previous year in Saint-Petersburg, and being a mother, the question that concerned me the most was: how will my child get used to the new surroundings, especially to a Russian school?   My son couldn't speak Russian so finding the right place to study without his falling behind at school seemed troublesome.   That’s why me and my husband decided to make a … [Read more...]

Expat Author and Expatriate Books

  An overseas relocation can be a roller coaster of emotions. You are experiencing so many new adventures and challenges but at the same time your family and friends are far away, and your new friends don't always understand what all the fuss is about.   So you have all these new excitements to share but no one to hear about it. Maybe this is why so many expats start to write a blog and some even become an expat author. As a matter of fact there are many books written by an expat … [Read more...]

Expats Lifestyle – Are you Feeling Lost Abroad?

Expats Lifestyle; A Life Changing Decision - Whose Move Is It? Imagine, you are at home deeply involved in some task or other, feeling at that moment happy and content with life. Your partner walks through the door and says with a smile:   "We need to talk about an exciting new opportunity that came up today"   The opportunity: a move abroad, perhaps for the first time or a new relocation/assignment option!   What would your initial reaction be?   I recall a … [Read more...]