Tax Refunds for Expats – What You Need to Know

The opportunity to start fresh in a country where you’ve dreamed of living can change your life forever. One thing is for sure – moving abroad is a big challenge. Expats encounter many obstacles in their new environment and transitioning is not an easy process! We spoke to expats who only recently moved abroad about the biggest challenges they face in their host country. The majority pointed out their difficulties in understanding local tax laws, tax liabilities and tax filing … [Read more...]

Relocating to Canada: Tax Issues to Consider

  If you are relocating to Canada for the first time, or if you are a repatriating Canadian, you will need to consider the various tax implications of your move. Liability to Canadian tax is based on residency so it will be important to determine exactly which day you become a Canadian tax resident. It's important to keep in mind that your status for tax purposes can be very different from your status for immigration purposes and that the two do not necessarily go hand in.   Please … [Read more...]

Taxes for British Expats Moving to Canada

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Jassa from England   I was wondering if I move to Canada would I have to pay higher tax in Canada because I own half of the business in U.K.   Thank You, Jassa     Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for Jassa   Hi Jassa, Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that I am not an expat tax expert.   I would definitely recommend that you get some professional advice before you move to … [Read more...]

USA Expats Tax Return and Bonafide Residence

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Fred Van Antwerp   I need some assistance with my 2010 us expat tax return.   I'm currently working in Afghanistan and started in January 4 of this year.   I have been working overseas since January 2004 for several different companies.   January 15, 2004 to July 2005: Armenia (United Institute), January 5, 2006 to July 2007: Croatia (Urban Institute), July 2007 to June 2008: Palestine (United … [Read more...]

Expat Returning to Canada and Writing off Moving Expenses

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Nancy, Canada   How do I write off my moving expenses, having moved back to Canada from the UK after 9.5 years.   I did pay taxes in the UK and will be working in Canada either self employed or working for someone else.   Thanks, Nancy     Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for Nancy   Hi Nancy   In order to provide you with an accurate answer I have forwarded your inquiry to … [Read more...]

Canada Tax for Canadian Expats

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Richard   I am a government of Ontario employee with a pension. I am due for full retirement in 18 months.   I have a sailboat and intend on sailing overseas. I will be returning to Canada periodically.   I would like to maintain my medical and dental plans.   Q1. Will I have to return once every 180 days?   Q2. Should I severe my ties to Canada for tax purposes?   Thank you in … [Read more...]

US Expatriate Tax Return

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by a U.S.A expat in Nigeria   I work in Nigeria on a rotation schedule over 200 days a year and I live in the U.S.   I am not a contractor, so my tax is taken out by the company I work for.   Is there any way to get some of my tax back?   Thanks, David     Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for David   In order to provide you an accurate answer I have consulted an USA expat tax … [Read more...]

Why do you Need Expatriate Financial Planning?

Do you know that your legal status changes when you are moving and relocating abroad?   Are you aware that overseas relocation influences your legal status not only in your home country but also in your host country?   Do you realize that living abroad has a tremendous effect on your financial situation, your tax obligations, and on your expatriate family?   What should you do about that?   How can you plan wisely your savings and investments and meet your … [Read more...]

Here is What American Expat Need to Know About Filing USA Tax Return

  Are you an American expat searching for tax advice and preparation?   Are you planning on filing your USA tax returns outside the U.S.A and are not sure what are your rights and obligations?   Nick Hodges the President of is providing some answers to common questions about USA tax return.   Expats Guide: What are the deadlines for filing a tax return?   Nick Hodges: In general you have to file tax return on April 15 of the following year. … [Read more...]

Searching for U.S Expatriate Tax Assistance?

  Filing U.S. expatriate tax returns each year on your worldwide income is a legal obligation.   However many expats find it to be overwhelming and are not sure how to file their expatriate tax return.   Let's begin by pointing out some tips: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion - Even if your foreign earned income is below the exclusion limit, it can only be claimed by filing a tax return. If this is not timely you will not be able to use the exclusion.   Foreign … [Read more...]