How To Document Your Adventures As An Expat

Whether you currently live the life of an expat, or plan on it in the future, you'll want a way to preserve your memories and share them with loved ones back home. While once the best technique was photo albums, technology helps you keep all your memories fresh with pictures, video and the written word. If you want some tips on how technology can help you document your memories, here's a beginners guide. Social Media Social media has made the world a smaller place in terms of … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Stay Close to Long-Distance Friends

When you make the decision to move away, one of the hardest parts of making the transition is saying goodbye to family and friends. This can be even more difficult when you are moving to a different country. The number of people moving overseas has been growing. According to the "Global Expatriates: Size, Segmentation and Forecast for the Worldwide Market" report, there are approximately 50.5 million expatriates worldwide and that number is growing by 2.4 percent every year. If you are … [Read more...]

More UK expats would like to move to the USA than any other country, say

The United States is now the most desirable to move to from the UK, while almost half of UK residents admit they would not miss the over-crowding and traffic in the nation’s towns and cities in the event they moved abroad.   That’s according to a survey of more than 1,000 people by the UK’s leading provider of instant online quotes for moving services,   Around a seventh (14 per cent) of respondents aspire to move to live in the USA, closely followed by Australia … [Read more...]

4 iPhone Apps to Make Moving Abroad Easier

When deciding to move abroad, there is so much to do and think about, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by your ever-growing to-do list. You just wish you could fast-forward to your departure day and put the endless to-do lists behind you. While it can't do everything for you, your iPhone can help you manage the mountain of tasks you need to accomplish before heading to the airport. Here are some essential iPhone apps to help you prepare for your new home abroad: Packing Pro Packing is … [Read more...]

Expat-to-be? Essential Advice to Make the Move Easier

For years, you've been dreaming of leaving the U.S. for an adventure abroad, and now you're finally making the big move. You've bought your plane ticket, and have your housing sorted, but what's next? Here are some essentials to consider before departure day: Evaluate Your Banking Charges abroad or even out of state can send up red flags with your bank or credit card company. To prevent card deactivation because of suspected fraud, notify all of your banks and credit card companies of … [Read more...]

Relocating Abroad but don’t Want to Completely Leave your UK Lifestyle Behind?

According to 2013 research, more than 400 British citizens are leaving the country every day and recent research revealed that there are an estimated 4.7 million UK citizens currently living abroad, in popular destinations like France (173,000 citizens), Spain (411,000 citizens) and Canada (675,000 citizens). So are you someone that finds yourself dreaming of joining the thousands of British expats enjoying a sunnier lifestyle abroad? But the fear of leaving your friends and family behind … [Read more...]

British Expats Missing Home: Ways to Overcome it

  You took the plunge and moved abroad for the sunnier lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. However, while you love your new life, there are still those days where you can’t help but miss the British culture and lifestyle you once had there. It’s only normal to have days when you feel like this, but here are a few suggestions of how to keep home sickness at bay...   Make the most of Social media   Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn… You’re spoiled for choice … [Read more...]

Relocating Overseas – Expatriate Country Guides

Moving and relocating abroad to a foreign country can be a bit daunting and overwhelming; Not only you have to adjust to the new country but also the daily routine becomes complicated; Where do you shop? What kind of food do you buy? How do you find a doctor? How do you open a bank account? And the list can go on and on... All those things that were done on automatic pilot in your home country become perplexing when you are moving abroad; I remember that my … [Read more...]

Living in Israel
A Full Cross-Cultural Training on Israel “Welcome to Israel”

  Are you moving to Israel?   Planning on working and living in Israel?   Maybe you are visiting Israel on a business trip or thinking about establishing business relations with Israeli companies?   Whatever reasons you have for traveling to Israel you must be wondering about life in Israel, its people, the Israeli business etiquette and how well would you adjust to the Israeli culture?     Culture is often viewed as an iceberg. A small part … [Read more...]

How to Enjoy Expatriate Life?

5 Ways to Turn Your Lousy Expatriate Life Experience Into a Success   After months of careful planning for overseas relocation, and unpacking all your belongings (including family) in your new country, you are so ready to jump aboard the exciting journey of expatriate life.   After all, you have waited with great anticipation to experience firsthand the fun and adventure that life overseas offer. But instead you find yourself stressed and lonely, wondering whether it was … [Read more...]