British Expats Missing Home: Ways to Overcome it

You took the plunge and moved abroad for the sunnier lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. However, while you love your new life, there are still those days where you can’t help but miss the British culture and lifestyle you once had there. It’s only normal to have days when you feel like this, but here are a few suggestions of how to keep home sickness at bay…

Make the most of Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn… You’re spoiled for choice with the number of social media sites around today. It’s so easy to have a quick on one of these sites and get a good idea about what all your friends and family back home are getting up to. Just seeing familiar faces and getting a good idea of what’s going on back home, will help to overcome homesickness.
If social media doesn’t quite cut it, and all you want is to hear and see a friendly face, then use FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Skype to have a big catch up with all your friends and family back home. These allow you to make video and audio calls as well as exchange messages, giving you the closest feeling to being back home with them.

Traditional letters

With social media and the internet surrounding us, we forget about traditional methods of contacting friends and family. A traditional hand written letter has a much more personal touch than your average email. Letters allow you to add your own personal flair with some doodles or personalised messages, making it unique to the person you are writing to. What’s more receiving a letter from someone from your home country, is like have a piece of home in your hand and is something that you can keep forever.

Visit England for your holidays

It might seem strange to go on holiday in Britain –after all you left those rainy, dull British skies for a reason. However, now that you live in a sunnier climate and sunshine isn’t the only thing you crave in a holiday, why not return back to Britain for your summer holidays. And even if you can’t face the prospect of returning back to the area where you used to live for a holiday, explore more of the UK and discover what it has to offer. Whether you and your friends and family fancy a break in a couple of Suffolk cottages or camping in the Lake District, it’s a great way to get everyone together and enjoy spending some quality time with each other.

Get your friends to send over some home comforts

Missing your favourite British tea, Cadbury’s chocolate or traditional Yorkshire shortbread, and the alternatives in your new home just not cutting it? Ask your friends and family to send you over some of your favourite home comforts and you’ll be surprised just how much better it will make you feel and help stave off any homesickness.

Find British restaurants

british-expats-food1If you’re missing the true British food then, in your new destination, seek out British pubs or restaurants where you can feel like you’re back in Britain. You’ll be surprised at how better some traditional British pub grub will make you feel. What’s more, you might meet some other British expats and make some new friends, which will help you to forget that you were even missing the UK in the first place.
If there aren’t any British pubs or restaurants in your new destination, then why not host a themed British dinner party for your friends in your new location and cook your own traditional roast or favourite British food. This will allow your new friends to get to know a little bit more about you and your British culture.

Watch some British TV

Another great way to stave off missing the British culture, is catching up with some of the latest TV programs that are currently showing in the UK. Whether you just want to hear the British accent or giggle at some witty British humour, it’s a great way to make you feel better. And thanks to applications like Netflix, never has it been so easy to watch your favourite British TV series or films whenever you want.
So on days when you are missing your old lifestyle in the UK, just try some of the things suggested above, and before you know it you will have had your British fix and be glad you’re living the British expat lifestyle that you always dreamed of.

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