Why American Expatriates Should Consult Expats Tax Expert?

Are you an American expatriates?
Do you know that USA expatriates must pay expat taxes?
Do you fully understand your expat taxes obligations and exclusions?
Did you know that U.S. expatriates are always taxed on world-wide income or that most U.S. expatriates qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion by meeting the ‘physical presence test’?
And what about opening a bank account overseas? Did you know that all earnings from these accounts are reportable and taxable on your U.S. Income Tax Return and a separate filing to the U.S. Treasury must be made by June 30th of each year?
Or, are you aware that US expatriates do not have exclusion from U.S. Social Security taxes?
An ExpatCFO tax expert can provide you comprehensive information about your expat taxes obligation and exclusions. He is the only one who can offer you holistic tax solutions, access to the best technology, and professional guidance.
Because an ExPat CFO operates from a broad knowledge base across multiple legal and financial disciplines to make sure that the right strategies are properly executed for you.
To give you a better understanding we have interviewed Nick Hodges, President of NCH Wealth Advisors, who provides US expatriates with the best tools, strategies and planning techniques to help American expatriates manage their expats taxes and reach their financial goals.
This is a 24 minutes audio interview. The interview is divided into 3 parts. You can either listen to the full interview at once or in parts.
Hereunder you can find a brief description about the content of each part:
In the first part of the interview Nick Hodges talks about his professional experience and describes what NCH tax Advisors Company does. He also explains the additional needs of the US expatriates with respect to having expats tax work done for them, how do U.S.A expatriates need to prepare before they relocate overseas in terms of tax and finance issues, and portray the unique characteristics of the online documents storage vault.
At the end of the first part of the interview Nick Hodges explains how his company helps US expatriates to maximize their financial goals – reduce taxes, decrease investments risks and increase retirement cash flow guarantees.

In the second part of the interview Nick Hodges talks about how the expat tax experts reach into more arenas than traditional tax firms, and therefore are able to draw a broader view and offer better solutions for the American expatriates. Nick also brings some interesting examples to emphasize this point.
Nick Hodges also explains how he communicate with American expatriates abroad, what means of communication he uses, how he is willing to accommodate the expats different time zones, and to investigate new arenas of technologies to reduce the communication cost for the US expatriates.

In the last part of the interview Nick shares some stories about how he managed to help American expatriates to save on their taxes, and elaborate about the three main expatriate tax returns benefits for us expats – earn income exclusions, housing exclusions and foreign tax credit.
Nick also talks about the special taxes and tax returns requirements for repatriating US expatriates, and he finishes the interview with a key piece of advice that all American expatriates should follow.
I truly hope you find the audio interview interesting and educating as I did. Should you have more questions to Nick you are welcome to contact him directly through the ExpatCfo website.