17 Year old with ADD and Studying at the International School in Warsaw

The following is a question that was submitted to us by April in Warsaw, Poland
international-schools-learning-supportI have just started international assignment in Poland.
My family and I are here and we had began the application process for the American School prior to assignment.
We were told this week that the school would not admit my 17 year old because they did not feel she could do the IB classes.
She has ADD and her impairment is very mild. She mainly needs help with organization, and some additional testing time. She does not test well or perform well written under pressure. She has a normal IQ and intelligence and can with assistance learn all the work and perform at grade level.
We have spoken with the British school and again we encounter the challenge of the IB issue and there reluctance to admit her due to its demands.
My three other children were admitted conditionally because they all tested 1 year behind in math. I guess I can thank California schools for that.
Any advise on what other options we have is appreciated. She really wants to be in school. She is board and needs the socialization.
Thanks, April
Hereunder are a few suggestions I had for April (please note that I am not a special education specialist)
I am sorry to hear about the challenges you face with your daughter’s education.
To the best of my knowledge not all high school students that attend international school must do the IB full diploma. There is also an option to earn a high school diploma which is equivalent to an American High School Diploma. So maybe you can check if this is available also at the American school in Warsaw.
Other than that some international schools have special education departments where they provide extra help to kids with special needs like ADD, ADHD, etc’.
My sons are learning at the international school of Brussels where there is an excellent learning support department that also assists kids with special needs to earn the IB diploma.
If there is no learning support departments at the international schools in Warsaw, then maybe you can check the option of hiring a private special educator who can work closely with the school and your daughter on her academics assignments.
In addition the office of overseas schools at the State Department website has excellent resources on special needs.
Best Luck and please keep us updated.
April advised the following:
My brothers, sisters and husband all attended ISB. It is a great school and honestly I had expected to have an experience in Warsaw like Brussles. I think this is why I am so disappointed.
I looked into the State Department resources and the American School in Warsaw is funded by the state department and is listed as a good option for American’s here.
There are really two choices American or British. Both offer resource for students but she was still denied. They told me the reason was that she would not be able to keep up with the demanding course work.
The American school offers a non IB option but all students attend IB level classes. Same situation in the British school.
I am looking at home school options for her. But feel this would make being here very difficult as the school supports her socially.
I am also considering boarding school as at least she can gain some friends.
Has anyone done Boarding school on assignment?
Thanks April
So, this is what I have suggested: I have posted an interview with Rebecca Grappo, M.Ed, an International Educational Consultant about special education resources in international schools
In the interview Rebecca has discussed the options of home schooling and boarding schools.
Maybe you can contact Rebecca directly and consult with her. Her website address is http://rnginternational.com/

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