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Expat Guide and Useful Resources

Facilitating the path for expats living abroad   Have you imagined living overseas a life … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Schooling Experience in St.Petersburg, Russia

  Described by F.J. an expat parent in Russia   Hello, dear parents!   My … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Expatriation and its Financial Pitfalls – What Must You be Careful About?

  Most people hoping to become expatriates will usually find that a lot of things are sorted with relative ease.   Freight services are making it easier and cheaper to move things abroad; the ability to learn a foreign language is being galvanised with the advent of support software … [Read More...]

Do not Neglect your Expat Retirement Plans!

Why Expat Retirement Plans and Offshore Savings are a Perfect Match?   Did you start looking into expat retirement plans?   Maybe you believe that you are still young and there is plenty of time for retirement saving plans?   In today's economy where nothing is certain, it … [Read More...]

Benefits of Investing in Offshore Banking

Once you’ve endured the stress of an overseas move, everything will eventually start to take shape and then you can finally begin building your expat life away from the UK. One of the reasons you may have moved abroad could be the promise of a new job, and of a new income, so it may be essential … [Read More...]

Are you Paying too Much For your Expat Taxes

How to Turn your Expat Taxes into Money in your Bank?   Did you know that expats living abroad can claim refunds on income taxes, on foreign V.A.T and on more types of expat taxes?   Here are just some examples: If you hold a nonimmigrant visa of a skilled worker in the U.S.A then … [Read More...]

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