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Expats Lifestyle –  Are you Feeling  Lost Abroad?

Expats Lifestyle; A Life Changing Decision - Whose Move Is It? Imagine, you are at home deeply … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Moving Overseas and Teenage Expat  – We Are Already There, So What Do We Do?

Overseas Relocation and Teenage Expat is a Complicated Situation, But it's Definitely Manageable … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Why Overseas Health Insurance is Important When Relocating Abroad?

  One of the most important things when relocating overseas is making sure you have a proper and comprehensive international medical insurance.   Do not even think about relocating abroad without taking care of medical insurance for yourself and your family.   Why is it so … [Read More...]

Foreign Money Exchange And Saving Money While Relocating Abroad

  Foreign money exchange is one of the most painful things when relocating overseas. You always feel that you are loosing a big piece of your hard gained money.   By far the main discussion among expats is the foreign currency exchange rates. It doesn’t matter what is your country of … [Read More...]

Relocation Abroad is More Than Just Performing Your Job

  The following article about relocation abroad is written and contributed by Forex Traders.   The era of globalization is upon us, and, as interconnected as our markets might be, multinational corporations still need to shift employees across the globe even when local markets offer … [Read More...]

Tax Refunds for Expats – What You Need to Know

The opportunity to start fresh in a country where you’ve dreamed of living can change your life forever. One thing is for sure – moving abroad is a big challenge. Expats encounter many obstacles in their new environment and transitioning is not an easy process! We spoke to expats who only … [Read More...]

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