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How To Document Your Adventures As An Expat

Whether you currently live the life of an expat, or plan on it in the future, you'll want a way to … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Moving Overseas and Teenage Expat  – We Are Already There, So What Do We Do?

Overseas Relocation and Teenage Expat is a Complicated Situation, But it's Definitely Manageable … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

How to save on International Money Exchange Rates?

International Money Exchange and World First Foreign Money Transfer   If you are an expat living abroad or relocating overseas, you may find you have exposure to the currency markets. Whether you are buying a new property, moving savings or sending money back home, exchanging this money can … [Read More...]

Financial advice for expats: Bank transaction charges costing British expats millions

More than half of all British expats worldwide are incurring bank charges which are costing them millions each year when they transfer funds from the UK.   A survey of seven banks conducted by independence researchers for the Post Office International Payments revealed that, on average, … [Read More...]

Taxes for British Expats Moving to Canada

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Jassa from England   I was wondering if I move to Canada would I have to pay higher tax in Canada because I own half of the business in U.K.   Thank You, Jassa     Hereunder are a few suggestions I had … [Read More...]

Searching for U.S Expatriate Tax Assistance?

  Filing U.S. expatriate tax returns each year on your worldwide income is a legal obligation.   However many expats find it to be overwhelming and are not sure how to file their expatriate tax return.   Let's begin by pointing out some tips: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion … [Read More...]

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