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All You Need to Know About US Expats Overseas Divorce

Overseas Divorce - An Interview with Tracy Achen From US Woman's Divorce After Tracy Achen has … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

How to choose the right international school for your child in Prague: A guide for expats

  Moving to another country takes a lot of work and preparation, especially if you have a … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Do not Neglect your Expat Retirement Plans!

Why Expat Retirement Plans and Offshore Savings are a Perfect Match?   Did you start looking into expat retirement plans?   Maybe you believe that you are still young and there is plenty of time for retirement saving plans?   In today's economy where nothing is certain, it … [Read More...]

Taxes for British Expats Moving to Canada

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Jassa from England   I was wondering if I move to Canada would I have to pay higher tax in Canada because I own half of the business in U.K.   Thank You, Jassa     Hereunder are a few suggestions I had … [Read More...]

Why Overseas Health Insurance is Important When Relocating Abroad?

  One of the most important things when relocating overseas is making sure you have a proper and comprehensive international medical insurance.   Do not even think about relocating abroad without taking care of medical insurance for yourself and your family.   Why is it so … [Read More...]

US Expatriate Tax Return

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by a U.S.A expat in Nigeria   I work in Nigeria on a rotation schedule over 200 days a year and I live in the U.S.   I am not a contractor, so my tax is taken out by the company I work for.   Is there any way to … [Read More...]

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