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Expat websites and Useful  Information for Expats

  Expat websites are an amazing source of information for anyone who is planning an overseas … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Country

  Families move out of the country for a wide range of reasons. Some may leave for better job … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Are you Paying too Much For your Expat Taxes

How to Turn your Expat Taxes into Money in your Bank?   Did you know that expats living abroad can claim refunds on income taxes, on foreign V.A.T and on more types of expat taxes?   Here are just some examples: If you hold a nonimmigrant visa of a skilled worker in the U.S.A then … [Read More...]

Relocation Abroad is More Than Just Performing Your Job

  The following article about relocation abroad is written and contributed by Forex Traders.   The era of globalization is upon us, and, as interconnected as our markets might be, multinational corporations still need to shift employees across the globe even when local markets offer … [Read More...]

How to save on International Money Exchange Rates?

International Money Exchange and World First Foreign Money Transfer   If you are an expat living abroad or relocating overseas, you may find you have exposure to the currency markets. Whether you are buying a new property, moving savings or sending money back home, exchanging this money can … [Read More...]

What is the Cost of Living in Canada?

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Kim from Liverpool, UK   My family is planning on moving to Canada.   One of the things we are trying to find out is the cost of living in Canada and especially the cost of living in each province.   We would … [Read More...]

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