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Relocating Abroad but don’t Want to Completely Leave your UK Lifestyle Behind?

According to 2013 research, more than 400 British citizens are leaving the country every day and … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Helping Your Expat Children to Learn a Foreign Language

Many kids have to learn a foreign language when relocating overseas. Although this is not easy, it … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Expatriation and its Financial Pitfalls – What Must You be Careful About?

  Most people hoping to become expatriates will usually find that a lot of things are sorted with relative ease.   Freight services are making it easier and cheaper to move things abroad; the ability to learn a foreign language is being galvanised with the advent of support software … [Read More...]

Financial advice for expats: Bank transaction charges costing British expats millions

More than half of all British expats worldwide are incurring bank charges which are costing them millions each year when they transfer funds from the UK.   A survey of seven banks conducted by independence researchers for the Post Office International Payments revealed that, on average, … [Read More...]

Why do you Need Expatriate Financial Planning?

Do you know that your legal status changes when you are moving and relocating abroad?   Are you aware that overseas relocation influences your legal status not only in your home country but also in your host country?   Do you realize that living abroad has a tremendous effect on your … [Read More...]

How to Prepare For Expat Banking?

  Expat banking can definitely be a huge headache and a great hassle.   Not only you need to deal with the bureaucracy at the bank in your home country, you also have to search for a reliable bank in your destination country, and to learn a different set of rules and formalities. … [Read More...]

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