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Expat Author and Expatriate Books

  An overseas relocation can be a roller coaster of emotions. You are experiencing so many new … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Moving with Teens – What to Consider Before Accepting an Overseas Relocation Assignment?

  Moving with teens is a subject that we currently discuss a lot in our house. Our 3 boys are … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Why Overseas Health Insurance is Important When Relocating Abroad?

  One of the most important things when relocating overseas is making sure you have a proper and comprehensive international medical insurance.   Do not even think about relocating abroad without taking care of medical insurance for yourself and your family.   Why is it so … [Read More...]

Choosing Your Health Insurance Abroad

  When becoming an expat, you have to think about every side of your life which will be affected by this changing in country.   Your family's security is one of the most important. Thus getting medical coverage is one crucial step.   Social security from your home country will … [Read More...]

Why do you Need Expatriate Financial Planning?

Do you know that your legal status changes when you are moving and relocating abroad?   Are you aware that overseas relocation influences your legal status not only in your home country but also in your host country?   Do you realize that living abroad has a tremendous effect on your … [Read More...]

Searching for U.S Expatriate Tax Assistance?

  Filing U.S. expatriate tax returns each year on your worldwide income is a legal obligation.   However many expats find it to be overwhelming and are not sure how to file their expatriate tax return.   Let's begin by pointing out some tips: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion … [Read More...]

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