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Expat-to-be? Essential Advice to Make the Move Easier

For years, you've been dreaming of leaving the U.S. for an adventure abroad, and now you're finally … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Canada Primary School Admission Guideline Request

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Kaushik Dutta Kolkata, West Bengal, … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Tax Refunds for Expats – What You Need to Know

The opportunity to start fresh in a country where you’ve dreamed of living can change your life forever. One thing is for sure – moving abroad is a big challenge. Expats encounter many obstacles in their new environment and transitioning is not an easy process! We spoke to expats who only … [Read More...]

Foreign Money Exchange And Saving Money While Relocating Abroad

  Foreign money exchange is one of the most painful things when relocating overseas. You always feel that you are loosing a big piece of your hard gained money.   By far the main discussion among expats is the foreign currency exchange rates. It doesn’t matter what is your country of … [Read More...]

Moving to Israel – Money and Banking

  Are you moving to Israel? Not sure how the banking system work in Israel or how to open an Israeli bank account?   Here you can find answers to these questions and much more.   The currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (also known as the Shekel - NIS). There are 100 … [Read More...]

Would You Need Expat Health Insurance When Moving to U.S.A?

  In most cases the answer is yes, You do need an overseas health insurance when relocating to the USA   Why?   Because in the USA, there is no nationwide system of government-owned medical facilities that is open to the general public.   Doctors and hospitals are … [Read More...]

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