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Expatriate Information and Books

  Are you searching for expatriate information? For that something that has all you need … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

17 Year old with ADD and Studying at the International School in Warsaw

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by April in Warsaw, Poland … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Expats Moving to an Expensive City: Budgeting 101

These days, many folks find themselves expatriates, living out of their native country and off to a large metropolis like New York City or London. If you're interested in locating to a bustling city, it's important to look into the cost of living before packing up the moving boxes. As you do your … [Read More...]

International Cost of Living

Expats and International Cost of Living   Many first time expats accept an overseas position with high expectations for a better quality of life, luxury accommodation, and the excitement of new experiences. The reality however is a bit different, and many expats find out that life is not … [Read More...]

Expatriation and its Financial Pitfalls – What Must You be Careful About?

  Most people hoping to become expatriates will usually find that a lot of things are sorted with relative ease.   Freight services are making it easier and cheaper to move things abroad; the ability to learn a foreign language is being galvanised with the advent of support software … [Read More...]

Online Currency Converter

Are You Looking for Online Currency Converter? In many cases expats salaries are paid in a different currency than the currency of the host country. If this describes you then you will most probably want to convert your salary to the currency of the host country, and to compare it to the cost of … [Read More...]

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