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How to Enjoy Expatriate Life?

5 Ways to Turn Your Lousy Expatriate Life Experience Into a Success   After months of … [Read More...]

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Moving With Kids

Admission Query for my 8 Years Old Special Needs Child in International Schools

  The following is a question that was submitted to us by Paramjeet Singh, New Delhi/India … [Read More...]

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Expat Financial Planning

Foreign Currency Exchange With Currency Fair

A Unique Marketplace for Foreign Currency Exchange Where People Sell Pounds, Euros, Dollars ... to Other People   Living the expatriate life has a whole range of plus points but the cost of foreign currency exchange via the banks is never one of them.   Banks see expats as sheep to be … [Read More...]

Searching for U.S Expatriate Tax Assistance?

  Filing U.S. expatriate tax returns each year on your worldwide income is a legal obligation.   However many expats find it to be overwhelming and are not sure how to file their expatriate tax return.   Let's begin by pointing out some tips: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion … [Read More...]

How to Prepare For Expat Banking?

  Expat banking can definitely be a huge headache and a great hassle.   Not only you need to deal with the bureaucracy at the bank in your home country, you also have to search for a reliable bank in your destination country, and to learn a different set of rules and formalities. … [Read More...]

Why Overseas Health Insurance is Important When Relocating Abroad?

  One of the most important things when relocating overseas is making sure you have a proper and comprehensive international medical insurance.   Do not even think about relocating abroad without taking care of medical insurance for yourself and your family.   Why is it so … [Read More...]

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